How to Get More Comments on Instagram in 2024

How to Get More Comments on Instagram in 2024

With the Instagram algorithm constantly changing, it is crucial for social media marketers to keep up and find an effective Instagram strategy.

A strategy that will not only bring you more followers but also boost your engagement rates which will result in Instagram comments increase under your content.

Simply put, the more engagement you get under your posts, the more Instagram likes you. The algorithm sees it this way – when more people interact with your Instagram account, their likes, comments, and follows show that they’re inclined to stay on Instagram.

In such cases, the visually engaging social media platform will most likely want to boost your visibility – inside the hashtag browser, on the explore page, etc.

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Manage (and automate) all comments and messages from one view

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Instagram algorithm 2019
Instagram comments increase – a little piece of information about Instagram’s new algorithm.

How to get more comments on Instagram

Posting regularly may just not be enough. However, there are many simple tricks that you can use to get that ‘Instagram comments increase‘, more likes, and ultimately more followers.

Oh, and forget buying comments; that practice is completely useless and worthless. Gotta get some real Instagram comments from real people!

Without further ado, let’s dive into how you can get more comments on Instagram – starting today.

Use niche hashtags

Using niche Instagram hashtags can help you build a community around your brand and increase the number of your Instagram comments faster.

It is also easier to rank higher in smaller hashtags and let people find you through the hashtag browser – you may not be using this browser, but believe me, a lot of people are.

I’m talking 20x increase in your organic traffic. For example, instead of tagging your content #furniture, which has almost 20 million Instagram posts, try adding your business location to the hashtag to narrow it down and help people find you.

A great example of using niche hashtags to target specific communities would be this post by GILI Sports:

Instagram post with specific hashtags
Instagram comments increase – use hashtags to boost your reach and increase comments on Instagram

With niche-specific hashtags, the company promotes its product, inflatable paddle boards, among SUP lovers on Instagram, and around the USA.

Try to do a similar thing, add hashtags that directly relate to your business, and make your posts more specific. 

The power of the hashtag on Instagram
Notice how many people came from the hashtags? #hashtagpower

How many hashtags should you use? Where do you put them? How specific should they be? Well, we wrote a separate article on how to design a killer Instagram hashtag strategy, which you can check out here.

Find out what content performs best on Instagram

Find out what content performs best on Instagram

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Reels have become the most popular form of content on Instagram in the last year, and you just can’t ignore their potential. So, how do you boost the reach of your IG Reels to get more comments and engagement?

Use trending audio 😉 You can browse for it manually, or you can check this list of the current trending audio on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a very easy way to engage with your audience and get more Instagram comments. Why?

Partly because that’s where your most engaged fans will look when your profile picture appears on the very top of their Instagram feed.

The other reason is that Stories have a lot of cool features which allow you to interact with your audience directly. You can create polls, ask and answer questions, measure how people feel about something, conduct a quiz, and more.

This form of content is a great way to build your brand using social media and create a community of loyal fans. Stories also appear in the hashtag browser or on the explore page, so you can include some hashtags there as well and make your content more visible to those who don’t follow you.

For more in-depth knowledge on how to use Instastories, check out our article: Instagram Stories: Pro-Tips For Marketers

Airbnb engaging Instagram Stories
Instagram comments increase – different features of Instagram Stories (source).

Share your feed posts to your Stories

This trend has gotten quite popular recently, and for a good reason. Due to Instagram’s algorithm, it’s getting harder and harder to show up in your followers’ news feeds.

That’s why you should share your regular feed posts to your Stories as well. This way, more people will see your new content, and you’ll finally see Instagram comments increase in your posts.

Below is our ultra-quick video tutorial on how to do that.

  1. Go to any of your feed posts
  2. Click on the arrow in the bottom left corner
  3. Click on “Add post your Story”

Tag people, brands, locations

This one is as simple as it gets. You tag people, their friends, brands, or other Instagram accounts. They will be notified of that, so it’s easier to attract other users’ attention and have your content pop up in different places.

You should also tag locations to help people in your area find you. This is super important if you’re running a local business.

Pro-tip: For Instagram feed posts, tag users within your photo or video rather than within the caption, this way it’s much easier for them to notice that you tagged them. This goes especially for users with a lot of followers and traffic.

Comment back

Wondering how to quickly get that Instagram comments increase?

Well, here’s another simple trick for you to consider. If you’d like more real comments on your Instagram posts, given that there already are some, just comment back.

If my rocket science is correct, that would at least double the number of comments on your post 🙂

More IG comments mean more Instagram engagement and more visibility. And if that’s not good enough for you, you can always ask people questions inside their comments’ threads and create actual conversations there!

And what if you get hundreds of Instagram comments every day when you manage a large account or multiple Instagram profiles? You can manage it all from one simple view using NapoleonCat’s Social Inbox:

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Instagram marketing made easier for teams

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Write long captions

Everybody loves a good story, right? Instagram is one of those social media platforms where it’s hard to reach a character limit, and that gives you great leeway.

Currently, your caption can be up to 2200 characters long! You can share your life stories, spark some controversy, ask people questions, sneak in some call to action, or all of that at once.

Just remember that your caption should not only be interesting but also encourage users to comment on your Instagram posts.

The Rock's Instagram caption
Instagram comments increase – The Rock’s comments

Ask questions

More Instagram comments for free! I may not have stressed it enough, but you can always ask other Instagram users direct questions inside the post’s caption and then comment back to them. Everything goes full circle here.

Use scaled images, not squared ones

This one is interesting. We live in a world where seemingly everyone scrolls down, and they scroll down fast.

To make your content more visible, you can try and make it bigger, because why wouldn’t you?

According to Dash Hudson2, horizontal images receive, on average, 9% less engagement than squares, while shots respecting the Instagram vertical dimensions of 4:5 (portraits) outperform squares by 13%.

Simply scale your image instead of cutting it into a little square. This will result in a higher probability that people will stop scrolling and check out your Instagram post.

Make memes

Social media memes are known for going viral, and people love tagging their friends under them. These visuals can bring tons of engagement to your Instagram profiles.

They are also super shareable. As long as your meme is appropriate and congruent with your brand, it’s okay to use them. Besides, who doesn’t like a good laugh?

You can “borrow them” from other pages, but I suggest you try and make them special and create them yourself. There are plenty of free meme-producing apps out there.

How to get more comments on Instagram - Instagram meme examples
Instagram comments increase – meme examples

Wrap up

Every worthy marketer checks his results to fine-tune his strategy. What you should always be looking at are Instagram analytics.

You can use the default Instagram Insights tool, or you can expand your perspectives much further with NapoleonCat – it even allows you to see which of your competitors’ Instagram posts generate the highest engagement, and then you can apply some of those practices to your Instagram strategy.

We highly recommend you test NapoleonCat for free – no credit card required 😉

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Protect your Instagram from offensive comments and SPAM

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  1. Instagram surpasses 2 billion monthly users while powering through a year of turmoil
  2. This is the Highest Performing Image Size on Instagram

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