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Go with the data,
not just the hunches

Your social media analytics tools usually won’t tell you much on their own. Track key metrics over time in one place to get the bigger picture, better understand your target audience, spot growth patterns, and make better budgeting decisions.

  • Report on the social media metrics that actually matter for you or your client, including engagement, reach, follower growth, top content, and more.
  • Break them down into easy-to-understand data snapshots you’re confident talking about.
  • Then turn them into helpful recommendations that’ll consistently grow your social media presence – and your business.
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Make social media reporting as easy as it gets

Automate and schedule your reports so you don’t have to go through the process manually every single week or month.

  • Choose between quarterly, monthly, or weekly social media reports – or simply select a custom time range.
  • Schedule and automatically send the report to selected people on the client-side or your own team.
  • Download a professionally designed, branded PDF for your client, for the data crunching geek in you (or in your team).
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Keep improving your customer service
(based on data)

What happens in the Social Inbox… stays in the Social Inbox. Or you could easily monitor your interactions over time with actionable reports that’ll help you keep your customers happy with the service they’re getting.

  • Schedule regular inbox activity reports to monitor your team’s performance.
  • Measure social media moderation stats on your profiles, including reaction volume and response times.
  • Highlight the best-performing team members and help pinpoint and resolve customer service issues with your team.


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Report on your competitors’ moves

Want to know how you compare with your competitors? Easy! Track their social media performance effortlessly, while continuing to improve yours.

  • Include all the relevant metrics for competitor reports to define benchmarks and, ultimately, the marketing goals you want to achieve.
  • Automate and schedule sending reports to *literally always* keep up with your competition.
  • Have ready-made performance snapshots to compare for your client presentations and quarterly team reviews.

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