Social CRM – the heart of your customer relations

With Social CRM, you can create user profiles for people who contacted you on social media. And build better customer relationships with a complete picture of who they are.

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With Social CRM, customer service and moderator teams can quickly:

  • Access the history of the previous interactions
  • Complete a customer profile with names and email addresses to always know who they’re talking to
  • Add comments and notes about customers
  • Assign relationship sentiment and tags to a customer profile
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Customer relationship management made easy:

Targeted customer care

Get the context you need to have more informed conversations and build lasting relationships with loyal customers.

Use internal notes, conversation history, personal contact information, and even order details from your online store to make each interaction truly unique and relevant.

Company-wide visibility

Bring all conversations and teams together – no matter where they take place or who replies.

All your teams have access to enhanced customer data available in a few clicks.

Better decisions made quicker

With centralized customer data, you can easily prevent a social media conversation from escalating into a full-blown crisis.

And you can reward your loyal followers more efficiently, too.


Work better together

Effective social customer care is a team sport. Equipped with the Social Inbox and  Social CRM, your sales, customer support, and marketing teams get instant access to conversation details and client profiles, so they can build customer relationships with consistency, efficiency, and ease.

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