Instagram management tools for business

Make Instagram an integral part of your marketing and sales strategy without the usual hassle.

  • Schedule posts to multiple accounts, on desktop.
  • Manage and reply to comments and DMs in one place.
  • Monitor hashtags and analyze performance.
  • Keep track of your competition.
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How will NapoleonCat help me simplify posting content on Instagram?

You don’t have to always keep your phone handy to switch focus between devices and social profiles. Use one tool to schedule it all, and save your brain some processing power.

  • Forget about circulating excel sheets and shared docs. Schedule posts in advance to multiple accounts at once in a handy calendar, from your desktop computer.
  • Don’t give up on Instagram-specific features just because you’re posting from an external tool. Schedule Instagram Reels, Stories, carousels, and the first comment, tag users and locations, add hashtags, adjust your image ratio, and select the video thumbnail.
  • Work with your team to perfect your content and assign tasks to other team members, who will have a bird’s eye view of the entire social media strategy.

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How will NapoleonCat help me spend less time replying to comments and DMs on Instagram?

Stop getting overwhelmed by the sea of questions and comments on Instagram. Manage them in one place, alongside all your social media channels.

  • Track and manage all direct messages and reactions to organic posts and Instagram ads across multiple accounts in one intuitive dashboard. 
  • Automatically hide, delete, or reply to comments based on specified keywords to avoid spam and free your team from having to reply to the same questions over and over again.
  • Getting comments in different languages? No problem. Our tool will translate them automatically along with your reply.

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Customer spotlight: Lumen Creative

Lumen Creative is an advertising agency for small businesses and startups. Working with multiple clients, they handle multiple comments in multiple ad campaigns in one dashboard, never missing a single opportunity for an engagment boost.

“NapoleonCat’s tools are a great solution for managing comments on sponsored posts. I’ve used several alternatives and this platform was the only one that allowed me to manage comments and users across multiple accounts. And their customer support is responsive and helpful!”

Jason Latshaw, Lumen Creative

reach and engage more people

How will NapoleonCat help me reach and engage more people?

Scheduling posts in advance is your first step to keeping the momentum. Then use our in-depth Instagram Analytics to figure out what content works best for your audience, what needs improvement, and where to best invest your team’s time. 

  • Analyze what to post and when with side-by-side data comparison for multiple accounts and get customized, in-depth reports.
  • Track best-performing hashtags in your industry to find content ideas and reach people who are not following you yet. 
  • Track what your competitors are doing, what and how often they post – and get inspired.

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make my team more productive

How will NapoleonCat help me make my team more productive?

Team members relogging to Instagram accounts on their phones to reply as different brands – sound familiar? Make your social media workflows easier and more reliable by giving your team one game-changing tool.

  • Minimize human errors by having all members post and comment from one dashboard in real time, with a clear view of the entire content plan and conversation histories.
  • Assign tasks to other team members, exchange feedback under drafts and posts, and consult urgent issues.
  • Automate some replies to simple, repetitive questions to free their time to focus on issues that need more attention.

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How to manage Instagram with NapoleonCat

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Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. No credit card required.