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Deliver exceptional customer service for your clients and their customers – with one social media platform for all your client accounts and all your agency needs. (And no bank-breaking fees.)

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All-round more efficient
social media management

Instantly tackle what’s important

Help moderator teams stay on top of their community management game, even with high volumes of messages and comments. Moderate conversations on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google My Business – all in one dashboard.

Explore Social Inbox features
Engage with customers on a schedule

Plan ahead and publish your clients’ Facebook posts, Instagram Reels, and even TikToks in a visual calendar, together with team tasks, approval workflows, and feedback sharing.

Post now or schedule for later
Automate when needed

Automatically reply to frequently asked questions, hide comments with links, or remove spam – from your organic posts and social media ads. 

Automate repetitive comments
Get to know your clients’ customers

Create user profiles for your clients’ followers and browse conversation history, add notes, and assign sentiment. To always keep brand communication on point, no matter who’s responding.

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… and their competitors

Analyze your clients’ competitors on social media and include the insights in your weekly, monthly or quarterly reports to compare performance and update your benchmarks.

Analyze and generate auto reports

Infinitely better internal workflows


Make space for all your teams and clients

Organize your team’s work into workspaces and say goodbye to the infamous agency chaos. Define separate sets of social media accounts with different user groups, content creation workflows, Auto-moderation rules, and more.


Manage your team’s tasks 

Assign comment threads to respond to and calendar content to work on to individual team members. And always know who’s working on what to eliminate bottlenecks and prevent duplicate work.


Track and reward their progress

Automatically generate moderation reports for the whole team and individual members. Track answered tickets and response times, and identify (and appreciate) your best performers.

Your team’s favorite social media management tool

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Here’s how Workspaces
actually work

Wildly improved client communication


Work with clients, influencers, and freelancers in one place

With just one tool, you can create multiple efficient workflows to communicate, assign tasks, exchange feedback or consult tickets with your client and other collaborators. Without having to constantly go back and forth on email, Slack, or phone.


Never worry about password security

Forget about passing around social media passwords between your team, clients, and contractors. Instead, create workspaces with individual access levels and activity logs so everyone knows what’s in the works.


Demonstrate results with a few clicks

Schedule social media reports in NapoleonCat and automatically send them to the right people at the right time, with the right metrics. Add your client’s branding for that extra good impression.


Work the way that works best for you and your clients

You can collaborate on your client’s company account or give viewing access to a dedicated workspace in your agency account. You know, whatever works.

Here’s how Workspaces
actually work

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“The customer service team is really happy that it is so easy to navigate, easy to find and respond to comments, and you can easily hide comments when necessary.”

Kathleen Belleza
Digital and CRM expert,
VPA Australia

customer success

Need support?

Even if you’re the ones supporting your clients and their customers, you should get the support you need, too. And we’re here for it – to help you deal with tech issues and recommend ways to use our platform to get the most out of your agency subscription.

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All the tools your social media team needs

social inbox
  • Collect conversations from multiple social media profiles and platforms in one unified view.
  • Create workspaces to organize teamwork.
  • Assign conversations to individual team members and track their workload.
  • Automatically translate comments, messages, and reviews, along with your responses.
auto-moderation rules
  • Automatically assign conversation threads to team members.
  • Automatically reply to frequently asked questions.
  • Automatically hide spam from your Facebook and Instagram ads comment sections.
analytics image
  • Organize the content publishing process in one shared calendar.
  • Assign social media posts to team members and add watchers.
  • Chat with the team and client to exchange feedback and approve posts.
social crm
  • Track your team’s performance. Easily recognize best performers and those team members who may need support.
  • Automate reporting and enjoy the time you save by not having to do it manually every time.
  • Give everyone access to real-time data for all your social media profiles to foster a data-driven mindset.
  • Provide easy access to customer information for all team members.
  • Track the conversation history with your social media audience.
  • Add comments and notes and assign relationship sentiment and tags to a customer profile.

Help your clients build their brands on social

With NapoleonCat, you can bring much more value to your clients while giving your team more time
and flexibility in their day-to-day. And you can start today, for free.


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Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. No credit card required.