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Make NapoleonCat your social media customer communication hub and help your team stay focused on what technology can’t replace: building strong customer relationships with every online conversation.

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For team leaders:
Lead your team with clarity

Manage your team’s tasks

Whether you lead a customer service or social media marketing team (or both), you can build dedicated workspaces to organize their work and distribute customer conversation threads among team members. And you can even do it automatically with simple automation rules.

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Get a bird’s eye view of their workload

Track who’s doing what in real time to see how much your team members currently have on their plates. When someone’s sick or on vacation, easily reassign their tasks to another team member to keep the conversations uninterrupted.

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Easily report on their performance

What you can’t measure, you can’t improve on. With NapoleonCat, you can automatically generate moderation reports for individual team members and the entire team. Track answered tickets, improve response times, and recognize the best performers on your team.

Onboard and share quickly and securely

You don’t have to grant direct access to your social media accounts. Instead, define individual access levels for team members and external collaborators in your NapoleonCat workspaces, with activity logs to account for everything. Plus, easily add new users and help them learn how to use the tool using the NapoleonCat Academy.

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For team members: Work better together


No more chasing people around for info

Need to pick someone’s brain to respond to a customer? Leave a comment, assign a task, or email a ticket for consultation – all inside one tool. Even when you work with people outside your team, like your client or external experts.


Avoid doing the same work twice

With NapoleonCat, you clearly see who’s working on what at any given time. So you can avoid people jumping on the same customer conversations – and keep your communication consistent and confusion-free. Plus, people can save their replies for other team members to use without always having to start from scratch.

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Inbox zero? It’s doable!

In NapoleonCat, all your tasks are in the “My tasks” folder. You can use automation to respond to questions that pop up a lot using pre-written templates. This way, you can always stay on top of your task list and respond much quicker. Your boss – and your customers – will notice!


Know more about your customers

Everyone on your team has access to a customer list and their social media conversation history in the social CRM. Having the complete picture of who your customers are at your disposal, you’ll be able to personalize communication and build better customer relationships.

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Need support?

We all do, even if we work on support teams ourselves. You can use our resources and talk to us on chat. We’re here for you to help you deal with technical issues so that you can support your customers even better.

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Perfect for different teams setup

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Large teams

  • With the real-time overview of your team’s tasks, work gets done faster, and productivity goes up.
  • Access conversation history and the Social CRM to identify customers and help them more efficiently.
  • Use the saved replies to help everyone apply your brand communication guidelines on social media and keep your brand voice consistent.

Cross-team collaboration

  • Assign tasks to dedicated experts on other teams without having to chase them across communicators (and office corridors).
  • Get a shared collaboration view in real time to always keep tabs on current tasks.
  • Communicate via one tool to quickly get back to your customers with all the answers they need.
agency client

Agency-client collaboration

  • No need for email or phone back-and-forth. Share viewing access with your client so they can oversee the communication the entire time.
  • Consult with the client before you respond to a message, review, or comment, and get the answer right in your Social Inbox.
  • Automate the reporting process with a few clicks. The report automatically fills with data for a selected period, and you can even add your client’s branding or your own.

Working with agencies and freelance contractors

  • Grant and manage the right access levels to workspaces, social profiles, and platform features without worrying about unauthorized activity or password sharing.
  • Create transparent workflows, track work in real-time, and evaluate performance.
  • Keep communication and activity histories for a whole new level of transparency.

All the tools your social media team needs

social inbox
  • Collect conversations from multiple social media profiles and platforms in one unified view.
  • Create workspaces to organize teamwork.
  • Assign conversations to individual team members and track their workload.
  • Automatically translate comments, messages, and reviews, along with your responses.
auto-moderation rules
  • Automatically assign conversation threads to team members.
  • Automatically reply to frequently asked questions.
  • Automatically hide spam from your Facebook and Instagram ads comment sections.
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  • Organize the content publishing process in one shared calendar.
  • Assign social media posts to team members and add watchers.
  • Chat with the team and client to exchange feedback and approve posts.
social crm
  • Track your team’s performance. Easily recognize best performers and those team members who may need support.
  • Automate reporting and enjoy the time you save by not having to do it manually every time.
  • Give everyone access to real-time data for all your social media profiles to foster a data-driven mindset.
  • Provide easy access to customer information for all team members.
  • Track the conversation history with your social media audience.
  • Add notes about customers and assign relationship sentiment and tags to a customer profile.

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