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Find customers on social without a big marketing team and huge budgets. Get reliable tools to support you every step of the way, all in one place:

  • scheduling posts,
  • replying to comments,
  • automating your customer service,
  • analyzing results.
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Why do you need to be active on social media?

You have a lot on your plate running a business – so let us take at least one thing off it. You’ll be amazed at how easy social media management can get.

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How will NapoleonCat help me sell more on social?

People who connect with your brand on social can become your most loyal customers. And it’s your chance to grow your customer base and make the most of every sales opportunity.

  • Stop wasting time switching between profiles to keep up with customer inquiries. Get notified and reply to all messages and posts from one dashboard.
  • Don’t manually answer the same questions all over again. Automate to reduce response time and focus on what needs your attention now.
  • Don’t leave your prospects hanging. Never miss a question in an ad comment or a Google review, ever again.

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Customer spotlight: Readline Steel

Readline Steel is the largest customized steel manufacturer in the US. They’ve been using NapoleonCat to manage several Facebook and Instagram accounts, and scaled their business as a result.

“We have enjoyed using NapoleonCat the past few years, and think the platform, especially the automation feature, has been a vital key to our success.”

Colin Wayne, CEO, Redline Steel

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How will NapoleonCat help me improve engagement rates?

Show your customers you care by getting them engaged in conversations and create a positive customer experience. They’ll reward you with their trust and loyalty – and their money.

  • Plan and schedule your content in a handy calendar and share it across your channels, automatically.
  • Use the same tool to keep track of all incoming discussions and ad comments.
  • Find the most effective platforms and content types, best times to post, and best hashtags to use.

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Customer spotlight: Lumen Creative

Lumen Creative is an advertising agency for small businesses and startups. Working with multiple clients, they handle multiple comments in multiple ad campaigns in one dashboard, never missing a single opportunity for an engagment boost.

“NapoleonCat’s tools are a great solution for managing comments on sponsored posts. I’ve used several alternatives and this platform was the only one that allowed me to manage comments and users across multiple accounts. And their customer support is responsive and helpful!”

Jason Latshaw, Lumen Creative

customer service

How will NapoleonCat help me provide better customer service?

The relationships you build with your customers are the one thing your competition can’t copy. Build on that.

  • Provide quick, on-point customer service whenever your customers ask for it – without huge teams and exorbitant budgets.
  • Monitor your customer service quality based on response times on social and Google reviews for your physical locations.
  • Monitor and react to issues before they become a problem – and let your audience know you’re always there for them.

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Customer spotlight: CCC

CCC is a popular European footwear retailer and producer, with as many as 496 locations listed in Google Maps. They’ve been using NapoleonCat to manage close to 1500 Google My business reviews a month, and have gone from a tiresome, manual process to devoting a maximum 1.5 hours, 3–4 times a week to it.

“A tool that consolidates all the data in one place enables businesses to improve feedback moderation and client communications, in addition to saving customer support teams a significant amount of time. For this reason, we decided to try NapoleonCat, which has proved to be custom-made to our needs. We have not stopped using this tool ever since.”

Robert Prokopowicz, Customer Service Manager, CCC


How will NapoleonCat help me track my competitors?

You can’t build a stand-out brand by copying your competitors. But you can keep your finger on the pulse to see what they’re talking about – and get ahead.

  • Analyze your competitors’ social media profiles to help you define new goals.
  • Compare reach, engagement, and response rates to keep getting better.
  • Find inspiration for content people care about and use it to plan your strategy in your own unique way.

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