NapoleonCat – Your Social Media Team’s Best Alternative to Hootsuite

NapoleonCat – Best Hootsuite alternative for social media teams

A universal social media tool doesn’t exist – it all comes down to one’s specific goals and needs.

NapoleonCat’s main functionalities include managing multiple social media channels, automating customer service, analyzing marketing results, monitoring and benchmarking against competitors, collaborating within teams, and automating reporting processes. The platform offers solutions for many social networks: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business.

At NapoleonCat, we take pride in our friendly, accessible, and speedy Customer Success team. But let’s get straight to the point – it’s time to compare our tool to Hootsuite.

Two powerful social media management tools

It’s important to state that both NapoleonCat and Hootsuite offer versatile social media management platforms. In both cases, it’s as if many separate tools were combined into a social media management powerhouse.

Both tools have fundamental features, including:

That said, NapoleonCat and Hootsuite are not the same, and it’s worth knowing the difference between the two (besides the obvious – different animals in the logo).

Starting price$27/mo$99/mo
Business plan$295/mo
35 profiles, 5 users *customizable plan
35 profiles, 5 users
*fixed plan
Supported platformsFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,
YouTube, Google
My Bussiness, TikTok
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok
Main focusModeration, automated
customer service, analytics,
automated reporting
Publishing & analytics
Social Inboxcheckcheck
Inbox collaborationcheckcheck
Competitive analysischeckcheck
Including Facebook & Instagram Ads
Scheduled reports (own profiles)checkcheck
Scheduled reports (competitors’ profiles)check
Cross-platform post schedulingcheckcheck
Mobile appcheckcheck
Customer supportWebsite chat, email, call, socialsCall, email, socials
1-on-1 onboarding trainingAvailable to anyoneOn-demand or available in higher plans
Flexible pricing planscheck
Only Enterprise plans
No credit card required during sign upcheck
Set-up processEasy, takes only a few minutesLong and complicated
Source: Hootsuite app, tested March 2023

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Mats Genberg photo
Mats Genberg
Genberg & Co

It’s the first social media engagement tool we have ever tried that is truly intuitive and that makes it easy for us to include the clients in the process. The service and support is great and personal. And the value for money is great!

Colin Wayne
Redline Steel

We have enjoyed using NapoleonCat the past few years, and think the platform, especially the automation feature, has been a vital key to our success.

Nate Andreshak

I use NapoleonCat for one main reason and it works perfectly. It pulls all comments from all dark posts into one inbox.

Flexible pricing plans, more affordable for teams

Hootsuite’s plans start at $99 per month for 1 user and up to 10 social media accounts. NapoleonCat’s starting price is only $27 per month for 1 user and up to 3 accounts. The difference in pricing only gets bigger once you factor in more users 😉

When it comes to plans for bigger teams, it gets very expensive. A Hootsuite plan that allows 5 users to manage up to 35 social media accounts is a whopping $739/month. In NapoleonCat, the equivalent of that plan would cost you $294/month. Our pricing is fully customizable – you only pay for what you need. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Check out NapoleonCat’s pricing here and see for yourself →

Quick setup

Starting your free NapoleonCat trial and connecting your profiles takes less than 5 minutes. No credit card is required to set up a free trial account (as opposed to Hootsuite). Once you add a Facebook Page, you will also be able to quickly connect your Instagram accounts. 

Creating a Hootsuite account is a long process that requires providing your credit card information. You also have to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts separately. The whole process just seems a bit convoluted and definitely too long.

Features designed specifically for teams

Planning content, approving it, social media scheduling, then managing the conversations under your posts gets much more straightforward if everyone works from the same dashboard with a transparent view of what others are handling at the moment – and that’s exactly what NapoleonCat offers.

Things it will help your social media team with: 

Social customer service has never been easier

With NapoleonCat’s Social Inbox, you and your team can easily answer to and moderate all your social media interactions – all from one customizable view. But did you know you can automate some of these tasks related to social media moderation?

Automation tools are becoming more and more popular, mainly due to the overwhelming amount of social traffic. NapoleonCat offers the unique feature of automated moderation. Our Auto-moderation tool works a lot like an assistant moderator that can take a lot of repetitive tasks off your team’s shoulders. It allows you to define triggers (e.g. a comment including offensive language) that set off automatic actions (e.g. hide the comment).

Here are some other uses of automated moderation:

You can create multiple Auto-moderation rules that will address different issues. And don’t worry, the setup is really easy, and you can also choose from ready-to-go automation templates. This way, you can combine your human customer service forces with automated solutions, effectively bringing down response rates and keeping your customers happy.

You can also use Auto-moderation to keep your comment sections clean and protect your brand image from trolls and scammers. Learn more about our Auto-moderation feature here.

In-depth analytics of your socials, your competitors, and your team’s activity.

With NapoleonCat’s Analytics feature, you will be able to access in-depth insights about your social media performance across different platforms. 

But that’s not all. Using NapoleonCat’s Analytics, you will also be able to analyze any other public social media profile, e.g., your competitors’ accounts. This can be a huge time saver when crafting your own social media strategy – figuring out what and when to post based on solid competitive analysis.

Last but not least, NapoleonCat offers Inbox Activity Reports to measure your team’s response times, their workload, and more – so that you can keep a bird’s-eye view of your entire social media moderation team.

Explore NapoleonCat’s Analytics →

customer service team

Customer satisfaction
is our #1 priority

At NapoleonCat, we have the best Customer Success team app users could ask for. Our average response time is around 3 minutes and we’re always here to help all of our customers – big and small – with troubleshooting or special requests.

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Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. No credit card required.