10 April 2024

👀 Introducing a New Sidebar

We have improved our sidebar! ​

🔍 What changed?

New and refreshed icons: sleeker, more intuitive icons to make navigation a breeze.

Refreshed look: a modern dark sidebar design for a better user experience.

Improved navigation: while using the web version on your mobile.


12 March 2024

🚀 Just In: NapoleonCat Mobile App’s Latest Enhancements – Notes & Consults Made Easy and More! 🌟

Last month we were busy with releasing updates to the NapoleonCat mobile. Here’s a summary of what’s new:

  • Consult & Notes at Your Fingertips: First, sending notes and getting consultations is now available in the app, making collaboration super easy and quick. 
  • Hello, Notifications! Whether on Android or iOS, stay in the loop with our new push notifications. You won’t miss a thing!
  • New Post Alerts:  Get a friendly heads-up about new posts while enjoying the app. We love keeping you updated!
  • Always the Latest:  The app now checks if you’re on the newest version and kindly suggests an update if you’re not. It’s all about keeping you connected with the latest and greatest, plus our mobile app support is just a tap away if you need it.
  • Search Made Simple: Dive into our enhanced search functionality for tags and posts. Finding what you need in your feed is now a breeze.
  • User Control: Take charge of blocking users, delve into the history of specific posts or DMs, and more. Your experience, your rules.
  • Inbox on Turbo: We’ve turbocharged the inbox loader so you can zip through your messages faster than ever.

We’re super excited about these updates and keep on working on the next releases. Happy exploring! 🌟🐱


16 February 2024

Get your NapoleonCat notifications directly to your Slack!

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that makes collaboration even easier: sending notifications directly from NapoleonCat to your Slack workspace! 📢

Setting it up is a breeze! You need to create a webhook on your Slack workspace and connect NapoleonCat to Slack. That’s it! 

Follow this step-by-step instruction and receive notifications from NapoleonCat directly in your Slack workspace! 🎉

connect napoleoncat to slack

No more switching between platforms, just seamless communication and collaboration. Define which notifications you want to receive and stay updated effortlessly.

notification settings

If you want more integrations, head to our Product Board. Share your thoughts, suggest new features, and upvote ideas!


15 January 2024

Social Inbox on the go with our updated App!

We’re thrilled to announce that our mobile app just got a makeover! 🎉

What’s New?

A Visual Uplift: Experience a sleeker, more intuitive design that makes navigating the app a breeze.

Social Inbox Improvements: We’ve supercharged the functionality of the Social Inbox, making it easier and more efficient to manage your conversations.

And guess what? This is just the beginning. We’ve got a bunch of exciting new updates to the app lined up for 2024! 🚀

Simply download or update your app from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

social inbox on the go



2 January 2024

Boost Your Brand’s Reputation with NapoleonCat’s New Feature!

Google and Apple Store Reviews, now seamlessly integrated into NapoleonCat’s Inbox!

Elevate Your Reputation Management:

All-in-One Review Hub: Manage your app reviews alongside social media interactions in one unified platform. Streamline your process and maintain oversight with ease. You can read, reply, tag, and assign sentiments to your app reviews.

Efficiency at Its Best: Save valuable time by monitoring and responding to reviews and user interactions across platforms from a single, organized stream. Assign your team members to avoid negative reviews going unnoticed and becoming a crisis for your brand.

Dive In and Discover:

Get started with this new feature in your NapoleonCat account today. Need assistance or have questions? Our support team is always here to help. Check out how to connect your Google or Apple Store account.

improved notification features



7 December 2023

Improved Notification Features for Enhanced User Alerts and Monitoring

Enhancing User Experience: NapoleonCat’s Notification Center Expansion! We’re excited to introduce a range of new notifications, enhancing user engagement and efficiency. Key updates include notifications for disconnected profiles, successful and unsuccessful post publications, and alerts for limits on profiles, and users. Stay informed and proactive with these intuitive additions to our platform. Go to NapoleonCat and check your notifications now!


improved notification features


13 November 2023

Enhanced TikTok Posting: Smoother, More Informed Experience

We’ve enhanced the TikTok posting process on our platform with new features to help you avoid common issues. You’ll get specific alerts if your video doesn’t meet TikTok’s format, duration, picture size, or frame rate requirements. We’ve also improved spam detection, so you’ll know if your content is at risk. Plus, we’ll notify you about any internal errors, issues with video retrieval, or authentication problems. We aim to make your TikTok posting experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Find out more about how to publish and schedule TikTok posts. Happy posting!


23 October 2023

AI Assistant in NapoleonCat’s Publisher – AI powered Human perfected

Welcome to NapoleonCat’s new AI Assistant feature in our Publisher! Now, you can effortlessly generate AI-powered copy for your posts. Whether you’re starting from scratch or tweaking existing content, just click on the AI wand icon. You’ll find options to “Generate copy” with prompt templates, tone settings, and even choices for emojis and hashtags. If you’re editing, the “Enhance copy” option is there to refine your message. Remember, each time you generate or regenerate content, it uses one coin from your account. Plus, any post you craft with our AI will be tagged as ‘AI created’ in your analytics and reports. Read more out about how this feature can help you craft compelling content here.

AI assistant in publisher


6 October 2023

Fixes for our Reports and Notifications and more

The calendar view in our Reports will no longer persistently come back to the default settings. We have also realized that you don’t need the notifications about yourself. We rely on your memory there 🙂 and the emoji picker is now displayed properly. Phew!