28 September 2023

Introducing posting Instagram Stories and LinkedIn Reports! Explore enhanced storytelling and insights today!

Now, you can schedule LinkedIn Reports alongside other platforms AND publish Instagram Stories directly from NapoleonCat! Automate, schedule, receive insights via email, and tell your brand’s story more effortlessly! Dive in, explore, and elevate your multi-platform marketing game!



15 September 2023

Say Goodbye to Chaos with NapoleonCat’s Notification Center

Look for the new bell icon 🔔in the upper right corner of your NapoleonCat. You know, like in all the social media platforms you’re using.

You’ll see all the notifications listed on one screen from all the different features of NapoleonCat you’re using. This includes:

  • Tickets and/or content assigned to you in the Social Inbox and/or Publisher,
  • Consultation activity – e.g. whenever someone answers your question or sends a consultation request to you,
  • Internal comments on tickets and content,
  • And more.

In other words, all the activity that’s happened in NapoleonCat since you last checked that involves you is there. So, instead of clicking all over the platform to find the different updates and notifications, you now go to one place for all of them.

And the result?

No more toggling between tabs, platforms, and communication channels to send and gather information. It makes it easier to keep everyone in the loop and on the same page, making overlooked tasks and critical updates a thing of the past. Plus, it’s a seemingly small change that can save you and your team members literal hours (and multiple clicks) in a day and is bound to speed up internal communication and simplify team workflows. Also, notifications roll in in real-time, so there’s no need to keep checking things repeatedly – you’ll always know when something needs your attention.

notification center