Facebook management tools for business

Build engagement, increase visibility, and create genuine connections with your Facebook audience. All in less time and with zero hassle!

  • Schedule and publish posts on multiple profiles.
  • Moderate comments and messages under organic and paid content in one inbox.
  • Analyze your content’s performance.
  • Track your competition on Facebook.
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How will NapoleonCat help me get more engagement on Facebook?

Find a smarter way to plan and publish engaging content on Facebook – no matter how many profiles you’re managing. Get one tool to handle it all, and save more time for coming up with creative strategies.

  • Use one handy, color-coded calendar to plan, edit, and schedule posts and Reels to all your Facebook pages. Add images, videos, and UTM tags, adjust visibility settings and target your audience, just like you would on Facebook.
  • Make content creation a more collaborative process and assign people to handle individual posts. Exchange feedback before your posts go live.
  • Reply to all your comments using one platform and double the posts’ engagement! (while saving yourself hours for researching awesome new content ideas). 
  • Don’t know what to post? Switch your “gut-feeling” for advanced data-backed insights and post your content at times when your audience is most active.
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How will NapoleonCat help me improve my social customer service?

Declutter your team’s schedule with a customer service hub for all your social platforms, including Facebook and Messenger. Always stay up to date with comments, questions, and complaints.

  • Track all comments under organic and paid posts as well as private messages in one inbox. Translate and reply from a single dashboard in multiple languages, including having real-time conversations via Messenger.
  • Keep a history of all conversations for your whole team to seeTag moderators, leave notes, and send sensitive customer inquiries for consultation.
  • Automate replies to FAQs based on defined keywords and automatically hide or delete spam. Use Auto-moderation during fixed time frames or let it work for you around the clock.
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“Customer service at MediaMarkt is not only building relationships with our customers but also supporting them with online shopping. That’s why we focus on efficient customer support in social media. The Social Inbox in NapoleonCat helps us a lot, and we can be sure we reply to every comment and message from our customers.”

Edyta Švrček, MediaMarkt
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How will NapoleonCat help me sell more on Facebook?

Get the most out of Facebook as a sales channel for your products or services by always being there for your customers, and making better use of your ad budgets.

  • Got customers asking product questions while you’re out? Automate replies about pricing or opening hours to let your customers know when they can come back.
  • Moderate all ad comments from one place. Automatically delete spam and competitors’ links from your ads, and don’t let your ad budget go to waste.
  • Analyze the performance of your content, including paid impressions and reach. See what works and what doesn’t, and promote the content your customers will act on.
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“We have enjoyed using NapoleonCat the past few years, and think the platform, especially the automation feature, has been a vital key to our success.”

Colin Wayne, Redline Steel
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How will NapoleonCat help me get an edge over my competition?

Don’t stop at tracking your brand’s performance. Keep a close eye on how your competitors are doing to set realistic KPIs and react quickly to what’s going on in the market.

  • Monitor any public Facebook page of a competitor. Analyze posts and comments to easily define what problems your competitors face and what their customers talk about.
  • Compare multiple profiles side by side to define industry benchmarks and identify areas of improvement for your brand.
  • Schedule &  generate automated reports to regularly track and compare things like fan growth, active users, and engagement rates.
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Need help moderating comments and questions? Try Auto-moderation

NapoleonCat will literally save you hours spent on manually going through every single comment. Not just on Facebook, but also on Messenger and Instagram.

  • Automatically reply to frequently asked questions and comments including specified keywords.
  • Running tens or even hundreds of Facebook ads at a time? Automate replies about pricing or product features, and automatically hide spam or links to your competitors’ websites.
  • Afraid of sounding robotic? Create a pool of replies that will be posted alternately to sound more like the human you are.


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“NapoleonCat is a valuable tool for my team; it allows us to quickly monitor and filter thousands of comments on different Facebook Pages. Also, their customer support is very thoughtful.”

Isaura Santos, BioNews

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Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. No credit card required.