12 March 2024

🚀 Just In: NapoleonCat Mobile App’s Latest Enhancements – Notes & Consults Made Easy and More! 🌟

Last month we were busy with releasing updates to the NapoleonCat mobile. Here’s a summary of what’s new:

  • Consult & Notes at Your Fingertips: First, sending notes and getting consultations is now available in the app, making collaboration super easy and quick. 
  • Hello, Notifications! Whether on Android or iOS, stay in the loop with our new push notifications. You won’t miss a thing!
  • New Post Alerts:  Get a friendly heads-up about new posts while enjoying the app. We love keeping you updated!
  • Always the Latest:  The app now checks if you’re on the newest version and kindly suggests an update if you’re not. It’s all about keeping you connected with the latest and greatest, plus our mobile app support is just a tap away if you need it.
  • Search Made Simple: Dive into our enhanced search functionality for tags and posts. Finding what you need in your feed is now a breeze.
  • User Control: Take charge of blocking users, delve into the history of specific posts or DMs, and more. Your experience, your rules.
  • Inbox on Turbo: We’ve turbocharged the inbox loader so you can zip through your messages faster than ever.

We’re super excited about these updates and keep on working on the next releases. Happy exploring! 🌟🐱