23 October 2023

AI Assistant in NapoleonCat’s Publisher – AI powered Human perfected

Welcome to NapoleonCat’s new AI Assistant feature in our Publisher! Now, you can effortlessly generate AI-powered copy for your posts. Whether you’re starting from scratch or tweaking existing content, just click on the AI wand icon. You’ll find options to “Generate copy” with prompt templates, tone settings, and even choices for emojis and hashtags. If you’re editing, the “Enhance copy” option is there to refine your message. Remember, each time you generate or regenerate content, it uses one coin from your account. Plus, any post you craft with our AI will be tagged as ‘AI created’ in your analytics and reports. Read more out about how this feature can help you craft compelling content here.

AI assistant in publisher


6 October 2023

Fixes for our Reports and Notifications and more

The calendar view in our Reports will no longer persistently come back to the default settings. We have also realized that you don’t need the notifications about yourself. We rely on your memory there 🙂 and the emoji picker is now displayed properly. Phew!