New Feature Coming Soon: NapoleonCat Publisher

We’re happy to announce that we are days away from a release that a lot of our customers have been requesting. The new, improved Publisher for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is coming soon – very soon – and here’s a rundown of what you will find inside of it.

Drafting and scheduling posts

Using the new Publisher, you can draft your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts. The post creator includes handy platform-specific features:


  • Tagging users
  • Tagging locations
  • Scheduling the first comment
  • Cropping images into Instagram-friendly ratios


  • Adding multiple images
  • Adding links
  • Publishing posts as hidden
  • Post targeting 
  • UTM tags


  • Adding multiple images
  • Adding links
  • UTM tags

You can share the same post across all your channels at the same time, adjusting it accordingly to each platform. As pictured in the example below, you can add platform-specific elements to the core of the post (the caption and image) in designated tabs. The post preview updates in real-time, showing you what your post will look like on each platform. 

NapoleonCat Publisher post creator
Creating a post in the new Publisher

Once your draft is ready, you can publish it right away or schedule an automatic publication for later. 

Which brings us to…

Automated publishing

With NapoleonCat’s Publisher, you can prepare your posts ahead of time, set up a publication time, and sit back – at the defined time, the Publisher posts the scheduled updates for you, directly to the social media accounts of your choice

A cross-platform calendar view of all your planned posts

Managing many social media accounts across a few different platforms can get messy… unless you have a bird’s eye view of your entire pipeline. In the new Publisher, all scheduled posts are organized into a tidy cross-platform calendar view that will help you assess where you’re at with your strategy at a glance.

NapoleonCat Publisher calendar view
The calendar view in NapoleonCat’s new Publisher

Solutions for teams

 NapoleonCat’s Publisher is built for teams – big and small. Using the tool, you will be able to set up transparent processes and keep everyone in the loop on upcoming publications. 

Solutions for teams include:

  • Assigning drafts and posts to owners
  • Adding subscribers to drafts and posts
  • Setting up automatic email notifications to inform the team of edits and status updates 
  • Internal discussion panels in each draft
  • Two access levels (viewing and editing) for teams and clients

Excited? Us too! The new Publisher will go live very soon. Hold tight, and keep an eye out for further updates!