3 April 2023

Schedule TikToks & manage TikTok comments

You can now use NapoleonCat’s Publisher to schedule and post your TikTok using the visual content calendar and all it offers. Be prepared to engage with your followers. And from now on, you can do that using the Social Inbox, with your Tik Tok comments all in one place alongside your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter audience interactions.


24 February 2023

Inbox search engine to find content, users, internal notes, & more

You can enjoy the Search Engine for content and users as part of your PRO plan. And if your team needs a more advanced search in internal notes or the content sent to internal consultation, you can expand your plan with an Advanced Search Add-On.


27 January 2023

Customizable Auto-moderation add-on models

We have introduced a new Add-on model for Auto-moderation. Choose from different Add On options and pay only for what you are using.