Top 10 TikTok Influencers for 2024 (and how to become one)

Top 10 TikTok Influencers for 2024 (and how to become one)

For the past few years, TikTok has been home to some of the fastest growing social media celebrities and influencers on the Internet. So, who should you watch in 2024? Here are the top 10 influencers TikTok’s been raving about (and what to do if you really want to become one.)

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TikTok management tool for teams

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First, a little influencing disclaimer

There are tons of TikTok creators with smaller followings that have been making waves and influencing their followers in different fields and niches – from perfumetok to booktok to beautytok and all the -toks you can imagine. And there’s just too many to mention.

So, this article will focus on the ones who’ve made it in terms of large followings and viewership that they’ve built recently. But I’m pretty sure that 2024 will show us some rising stars that I might not even know about as I put this list together (which is the very definition of “going viral.”)

Okay, so what’s the definition of a TikTok influencer we’re adopting for the sake of this article?

What is a TikTok influencer?

Technically, it’s someone who:

  • has built a large following on TikTok – the threshold here is typically 1,000 followers, but I guess this could be argued (see previous section.)
  • has a lot of engagement with this following (because you know following on its own is not enough to be actually influencing people)
  • has a tangible impact on their followers – influences (or de-influences, because that’s also a thing) them to buy things, adopt trends, or take some sort of action in real life or online.

In addition, there’s also the TikTok Creator Fund that rewards the biggest TikTok influencers for their content. Here, the minimum is 10,000 followers and 100,000 views in the last 30 days (which need to be authentic). Posting original content is also a must, along with a few other strict requirements. 

Top 10 TikTok influencers in 2024

Here are some of the biggest TikTok influencers as we’re moving into 2024 (in no particular order – I’m not really ranking them here, mind you), who go way beyond the numbers that I just mentioned.

1. Charli D’Amelio @charlidamelio

An unquestionable TikTok queen with 151M+ followers and videos that amass millions of views. And she’s one of TikTok’s now “old guard,” having started in 2019 with dance videos.

(And yes, it might have been easier to grow as a social media influencer “back in the day” than it is now when the app is so saturated with content. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go viral.)

Charli has since started her own perfume line and a show on Hulu and works with multiple brands like Hollister. 

She’s also estimated to be the highest-paid influencer on TikTok, with annual earnings of $17.5M. 

2. Dixie D’Amelio @dixiedamelio

Dixie is Charli’s older sister, and she mostly focuses on music videos while also frequently posting with her sister – that’s been beneficial to their presence on both sides.

She now has around 57M followers but is also estimated to make around $10M a year, which puts her high up the list of the highest-paid TikTok influencers.

3. Khaby Lame @khaby.lame

Definitely one of the most recognizable TikTok stars and influencers. And his story is one of the more inspiring ones and shows how you can create your own trademark “thing” on social media that people recognize you for. (and that he now uses also to raise awareness about more serious stuff than just pure comedy skits.)

(Again, I would argue if this would be so successful now compared to a few years ago, but that’s another article.)

Khaby has 161M followers, and his videos still get millions of views. Ever since he went viral, he’s worked with brands like Hugo Boss, and TikTok has truly opened up career possibilities that he hadn’t seen coming a few years before. Just check out this article about Khaby in Forbes.


I hope I went well , there is my mother watching me#learnfromkhaby #comic #style

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

4. Addison Rae @addisonre 

With almost 90M followers, Addison Rae is high up the top TikTok influencer list. She is another influencer that became famous for her dance moves, and has since featured in a Netflix movie. She also initiated a dancing group on TikTok called The Hype House, starring other TikTok influencers, including Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson.

5. Bella Poarch @bellapoarch

With over 93M followers, Bella is another famous social media star. She rose to fame with lip-sync videos that went viral in 2020 (and one specifically that got the status of the most-liked video on TikTok.) And today, her videos are watched by millions of viewers. 

6. Zach King @zachking

At just over 80M followers, Zach King is an illusionist “Bringing a little more wonder into the world, 15 seconds at a time”, as per his TikTok bio. 

Zach first got social media famous on Vine (remember Vine?), and he managed to do the same – on a now wider scale – on TikTok.

He’s also another great example of finding the right hook for your audience and standing out with something really original.


“Time is an illusion” – Albert Einstein | I traveled to London to shoot this video and as I shot, the first few tales weren’t feeling right, it’s because tourists were still taking photos of #bigben , but that’s when I had an idea. We had a crowd of fans around me as I was shooting. So we asked them to be in the background of the video. So a lot of the people behind me are actually fans on the bridge and when they react to the clock being gone. And bonus, that Bus name in the background was NOT planned! Crazy

♬ original sound – Zach King

7. Jason Derulo @jasonderulo

If you know Jason Derulo, you probably sang his name right there, didn’t you? 🙂

Jason Derulo is certainly not a TikTok-made star – as he’s also a singer and songwriter – but he’s made a name for himself on the clock app, along with amassing almost 60M followers, making entertaining content beyond actually singing or dancing. 


New restaurant “Jason’s car” @Ashley Nocera @Matt Josten @Justus Delgado

♬ Hands On Me (feat. Meghan Trainor) – Jason Derulo

8. Spencer X @spencerx

Known as the Mouth Music Man, Spencer is maybe the most famous beatboxer on TikTok (and YouTube), with 55M TikTok followers. 

What makes a beatboxer go that viral? Because he’s certainly not the only one doing this kind of thing. In this case, it’s probably a combination of several factors, including creativity, talent, quality videos, and engaging with his audience and other brands. And a dash of good timing, as with all viral videos. 


Turns out aliens speak beatbox 🗣️👽

♬ original sound – Spencer X

9. Domelipa @domelipa

With 71M followers on TikTok, Domelipa is known for her lipsyncing and dancing videos. One of the most popular Mexican stars on TikTok, she records her videos in Spanish, despite now being world-famous.

Which is another proof that TikTok, and social media in general, is a great place to “make it” worldwide, with the right combination of talent, persistence, and, well, probably also a bit of luck. 

10. Michael Le @justmaiko

At almost 52M followers, Michael Le has built his TikTok celebrity status with his outstanding dancing skills appreciated by millions of viewers of his videos. He’s also been remaking his old videos (“old” as in three years old, which in social media is an eternity, if you know what I mean.)
TikTok management tool for teams

TikTok management tool for teams

Schedule your TikToks, manage TikTok comments (organic and ads), and analyze your performance – from one place – with a simple tool designed for teams.

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How to become a TikTok influencer

  1. Post frequently and regularly. This can be daunting at first, and it can take a while before you get out of what some TikTok content creators call the “200 views jail” (because TikTok seems to stall views at around 200-500 views these days for many creators.) 

So, even if you don’t see results at first (and it can take months), keeping at it is a must if you want to get a chance of becoming a TikTok influencer

To make planning and frequent posting easier, try using a tool that will let you schedule your TikToks ahead of time. It’ll take much less work than having to manually post videos every day (or even a few times daily.)

TikTok management tools for business like NapoleonCat will let you schedule and automatically post TikToks in one calendar alongside other social media content like Instagram Reels and Stories.

napoleoncat product update - schedule tiktok
Scheduling a TikTok with NapoleonCat
  1. Create relevant content. I know, everybody says that. But if you want to actually influence people in any way (because, yeah, that’s where the name comes from, remember?), then posting things people are actually into is not something you can avoid. 
  2. Engage in conversations. Always reply to comments on your videos (recording a video reply is also a great way to engage your audience and also create more relevant content.) 

Also, comment on other people’s content that’s relevant to what you do. You’re not only building TikTok relationships but also putting yourself out there in front of new audiences who might be interested in your content. 

Again, you can manage the conversations happening on your TikTok account much easier with the help of tools like NapoleonCat’s Social Inbox, where all your TikTok comments (including for TikTok ads, if you run them) will appear in one dashboard next to all comments and messages from other social media accounts you manage. 

All your TikTok comments in one customizable view
  1. Find yourself a niche. Now, some creators lately talk about how niching down is no longer necessary – which is arguable and definitely an interesting discussion to have. But it’s definitely easier to go viral with specific kinds of content (e.g., beauty or fashion) than it is with more general content.

Which is not to say you can’t operate within several themes or, you know, just be funny, for example. And it’s definitely interesting to watch how that evolves in 2024.

  1. Find yourself a TikTok trademark. Most popular TikTok creators are known for something (I’m obviously not talking about famous celebrities that are already known when they start an account on TikTok.

This could be literally anything from the way they talk to a specific gesture or buzzword they use (or even an object or an item of clothing) to the way they edit their videos, and so on.

Some people talk while running, some sing, some talk very fast. The key is to use it consistently and treat it as something that makes you look or sound different from others on the app. 

  1. Hop on TikTok trends. Again, in an original and relevant way. Once you find your trademark, whatever it is, you can absolutely use it to create your own version of the trend. (Just look up any popular trend and its many interpretations on TikTok.)
  2. Try TikTok Promote. As on any social media app, you can pay TikTok to promote your content to new audiences. Something you can definitely try to get more people to see your content (provided it ticks the other boxes, too. ;))
TikTok management tool for teams

TikTok management tool for teams

Schedule your TikToks, manage TikTok comments (organic and ads), and analyze your performance – from one place – with a simple tool designed for teams.

Try NapoleonCat for free

14-day trial period. No credit card required.


This is probably disputable, but considering followers, views, and impact outside of the social media app, with the way his popularity seeped into the real world, it has to be Khaby Lame.

How do you get to be a TikTok influencer

Nothing happens overnight – and this is also true for becoming a TikTok influencer. almost 162 million people can’t be wrong.

How much do TikTok influencers make

This varies greatly and depends on many factors like following, engagement, and – well – the number of brand deals. But the highest earning TikTokers earn millions of dollars a year. Just take a look at this list.

How to find TikTok influencers

Assuming they don’t just pop up on your For You Page, there are plenty of lists of the most popular TikTok influencers (like this one.) You can also use TikTok’s Trend Discovery tools to discover the most popular content currently trending, and the creators behind it. 

How do influencers make money on TikTok

There are at least several ways in which influencers make money on TikTok, and they include:

  • Brand deals. Influencer marketing is alive and well, and brand deals are some of the most lucrative business opportunities TikTok influencers have. They can promote products or services in their videos, appear in marketing campaigns, or become brand ambassadors.
  • TikTok Creator Fund. It lets creators monetize their TikTok presence, but it’s only limited to a group that meets the strict requirements. (You can check them out here.)
  • Selling their own products. Some TikTok creators start their own merch or product lines with time, often tied to what their known for – like their trademark opening line, for example. Once they have an engaged audience, selling their products becomes much easier.
  • Affiliate marketing. Popular among lesser-known creators, affiliate marketing lets you get a commission for every sale of a product or service you promote – and ot’s popular across social media platforms.
  • TikTok LIVE and virtual gifts. Besides showcasing your own products (or brand deals) during TikTok LIVE, creators can also receive virtual gifts from followers that can be redeemed as payment. The more you engage your audience, the more money you can eventually make this way.
  • TikTok ads. Influencers also use ads to promote their content and products as well as brand partnerships. 
TikTok management tool for teams

TikTok management tool for teams

Schedule your TikToks, manage TikTok comments (organic and ads), and analyze your performance – from one place – with a simple tool designed for teams.

Try NapoleonCat for free

14-day trial period. No credit card required.

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