21 Daily Hashtags to Help Your Content Reach More People

21 Daily Hashtags to Help Your Content Reach More People

Hashtags are a great way of getting your social media marketing content out there to a new audience across different social media platforms. But it’s often a challenge to pick the right ones that can actually help. And daily hashtags can be a fun way to give your content a little bit of that extra boost it needs.

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Daily hashtags cheat sheet

Here’s a short list of hashtags for every day of the week. Of course, there are many more available, plus each one has multiple variations (like an emoji at the end.) 

Plus, you can also just hashtag the day of the week, like #Monday or #Sunday, so these are not included here. But they’ll also make cool daily hashtags.

Also, don’t forget daily hashtags will rarely be effective on their own – so mix them with some more specific hashtags related to your industry, for example. And don’t use too many hashtags at once.

Monday hashtags

#MondayMotivation #MotivationalMonday #MondayMood 

Tuesday hashtags

#TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #TransformationTuesday

Wednesday hashtags

#Humpday #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayVibes

Thursday hashtags

#ThrowbackThursday  #TBT  #ThirstyThursday 

Friday hashtags

#TGIF #FridayFun #FridaysForFuture

Saturday hashtags

#Caturday #SaturdayMood #SaturdayNight 

Sunday hashtags

#SundayFunday #SundayVibes #SundayMood

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Monday hashtags

#MondayMotivation and #MotivationalMonday

(I’m writing about them together because they’re essentially variations of the same thing.)

(Almost) everyone hates Mondays. That’s why it’s usually that day of the week when we need some extra motivation. And it’s been a social media tradition to do that with motivational, inspirational quotes – from creators and brands – posted on a Monday morning.

If you use the right, relevant hashtags for your audience, it’s an excellent way to get engagement, and especially shares, as people like to repost this kind of content if they find it relatable. 

Some variations will include #MondayMotivationalQuote and #MondayQuotes, though these are significantly less popular.

Daily Hashtags - monday motivation quote
A #MondayMotivation quote with a doodle


(Which could really work for any day of the week – we have #moods every day.)

This hashtag will be suitable for any kind of content posted on a Monday – but especially, again, for something related to starting off the week. It doesn’t have to be a quote or a pep talk, but could just be showing the human side of your brand, like your team in your office or your Monday morning coffee (whichever coffee you’re drinking by now, because, you know, #Monday, one’s not enough.)

(And I swear the post below is the first one that came up for me for this hashtag, I wasn’t trying to look specifically for coffee. 🤞)

Daily Hashtags - multiple monday related hashtags
This post uses multiple Monday-related hashtags

Tuesday hashtags


Guess what? We all could use some extra motivation on a Tuesday morning, too. (And every other morning after that.)

So, following on from Monday, you could use this hashtag for similar purposes as the Monday one.

It might also be a little more “original” than just going with the Monday motivation. But really, any day of the week is good for inspirational content and motivational quotes, especially when they somehow relate to your brand message. 


Just as with “mood” or “motivation,” thoughts can really go with any day of the week. It’s just that they roll off the tongue better with some days – like Tuesday.

You can use this hashtag to share just about anything with your audience, but it will again be great for, well, your thoughts and some inspirational or helpful content. Lists are also great for this one (I can totally see them as thoughts.)

Daily Hashtags - tuesday to do list
#TuesdayThoughts in the form of a to-do list


This is a popular hashtag for health and wellness content, so if you’re in that space, it might be a good idea to adopt it. It could start a series of Tuesday content related to your customers’ transformations (great for collecting and sharing your user-generated content, by the way). 

It’s not really limited to that one industry, either – it could work perfectly for beauty, interior design, personal development, really, any industry where a transformation can happen.

Daily Hashtags - transformation tuesday
A #TransformationTuesday beauty makeover on Instagram

Wednesday hashtags


Now, some daily hashtags are pretty universal, but some are very specific to just one day of the week. And that’s the case with Wednesday, also known in some circles as Hump Day. 

(If you don’t know why – it’s the middle of the week, and the tip of the working week hump, like on a camel’s back. Which means it’s all downhill from there.)

It’s a good opportunity to couple it with content that somehow relates to work and effort – but also just a nice way to let people know we’re midway through the week, and the weekend is now in sight.

(But be wary of the fact that some people might take the meaning of hump day in a, well, slightly different way, so the hashtag might also include some inappropriate content.)

Daily Hashtags - humpday
Hump days are always a good time for some (home) office humor


As you might already be noticing, daily hashtags have a certain tendency for alliteration (i.e., having words starting off with the same letter.) That’s how we get things like #MondayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom.

This one’s another great hashtag for inspirational quotes. But you can also use it for educational tips for your audience or sharing content from your followers and customers.

Daily Hashtags - wednesday wisdom
#WednesdayWisdom post on Instagram


Again, vibes will go with basically any day of the week, but they seem to go particularly well with “Wednesdays.” This is a light and casual hashtag for some light and casual content posted on a Wednesday, like moody photos or behind-the-scenes team activities.

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Thursday hashtags

#ThrowbackThursday or  #TBT 

This one’s a classic – and it’s specifically meant for bringing back memories and things from the past. (Notice the alliteration, again? That’s why it’s not a #ThrowbackWednesday.)

For a brand, it can be a good opportunity to share photos and reels that include:

  • brand stories
  • past events
  • team members and their stories
  • past logo designs and campaigns
  • that one super popular post that got thousands of likes
  • you get the idea.
Daily Hashtags - throwback thursday
A #ThrowbackThursday post on Instagram


Thirsty Thursday (hey, alliteration again, what a surprise!) is a little bit like #WineWednesday, which I didn’t include above. But much more versatile because it’s not limited to wine (or alcohol, for that matter.)

You can use it to share any post that involves drinking anything. And also, you can even take it figuratively – because you can actually be thirsty for almost anything (like knowledge, for example. 

Daily Hashtags - thirsty thursday
A #ThirstyThursday cartoon on Instagram

Friday hashtags

#TGIF (also: #Friyay)

I bet everyone knows it. The famous #TGIF, a.k.a. thank God it’s Friday. It’s a popular expression of relief that the weekend is coming. And, as a fun hashtag, you can use it for equally fun, casual social media posts that put people in a good mood: from your team activities on a Friday to Friday-only specials to memes and cartoons. 

Plus, it definitely includes that element of (almost) taking a breath after a week of hard work – so anything inspirational will also play well into the subject.

Daily Hashtags - friday cartoon
A Friday cartoon on Instagram

#Friyay is very similar – but definitely more focused on the pure joy and excitement that it’s Friday. Yay!

Anything that’s happy, fun, and exciting goes here. Unless you want to be sarcastic, like the example below. That’s also possible. 😉

Daily Hashtags - Friyay
#Friyay, but make it sarcastic


You can guess what to post with that hashtag 😉 Anything that’s fun and also about Friday. Again, team photos, pics from your office while the team is already unwinding, memes, and funny cartoons. #FridayFun allows it all.


On a more serious note (but not really skipping the alliteration), #FridaysForFuture is a hashtag used to spread awareness about environmental issues, with a bunch of local variations of the hashtag like #FridaysForFutureGermany or #FridaysForFutureBerlin.

If you want to use it, make sure your content is related to the theme (and you’re not just hashtag bombing – that’s not a great practice.) Any educational posts, perhaps related to your company’s environmental activity, are a good idea.

Daily Hashtags - friday for future
A #FridaysForFuture post

Saturday hashtags


This one’s for all the cat lovers out there. 😻 Obviously, it’s best if you can post something that actually has a cat in it (NapoleonCat has it easy in this department ;)) 

(And yes, it can absolutely be cat memes!)

You can even combine a #caturday with Halloween because who’s to say you can’t?

Daily Hashtags - caturday
A #caturday kind of post on Instagram


This one – a little bit like #MondayMood and #anyotherdayMood (I just made that hashtag up. Don’t use it) – is pretty general and can hold all sorts of content:

  • lifestyle
  • inspirational
  • fun
  • even promotional (if you have a weekend promo going on)

But since it’s a relatively neutral and versatile one among popular hashtags, it might be helpful to try it out and see if it can help your content get some additional exposure on Instagram.


This one screams “party!” (Unless you’re spending your Saturday nights, like me, under a blanket watching Netflix or possibly working ;))

But really, it’s also a pretty versatile one, with content ranging from actual parties to moody flatlays (at this time of year, possibly including a steaming cup of pumpkin spiced latte and a mandatory open book.) 

So you can get creative with that one, too!

Sunday hashtags


Sunday’s supposed to be a relaxing day (I’m saying “supposed to” because who hasn’t experienced a case of the Sunday scaries, already thinking about Monday?). So any content showing your audience that aspect – from memes to just enjoyable, casual content, will be OK with this hashtag.

And it can even be a great opportunity to promote a product or service, especially if the product is coffee. 🙂

Daily Hashtags - coffee promo
A coffee promo using the #SundayFunday hashtag (and a bunch of others)

#SundayVibes and #SundayMood

Anything with “vibes” and “mood (but especially Sunday” is an invitation for relaxing, moody photos, no?

(Speaking of pumpkin spice lattes and open books. 🎃)

Daily Hashtags - sunday vibes
A #SundayVibes post on Instagram

This includes posting moody reels for perfect #SundayVibes and a great #SundayMood. Like the one below:

Daily Hashtags - moody sunday reel
A moody Sunday reel

How to juggle all the daily hashtags within your Instagram content schedule

Well, the first thing is to actually have a schedule. And actually, planning your content around the daily hashtags might help you organize it into themes and categories across the week, between your Instagram stories, posts, and reels. 

And by the way, you can organize and schedule them all to publish automatically using Instagram management tools for business like NapoleonCat – that includes Reels, Stories, and even Carousels.

That way, you can plan your content much ahead of time, creating content series for the coming weeks and not having to worry about content creation on the daily. 

So, once you have a list of the daily hashtags you want to use, spread them out across your content calendar and use them for each post on a given day of the week. 

Make content creation a team effort
Social media calendar in NapoleonCat

We highly recommend you test NapoleonCat for free here – no credit card required during signup 😉

Daily hashtag FAQs

How to find the daily top hashtags on Instagram

To find the right hashtags for Instagram, you can do several things. The easiest one is to go to Instagram’s search bar and start typing your selected day of the week. Then go to “tags” and see what comes up. 

The number of posts using the hashtags will indicate how popular it is. (Don’t forget it’s not synonymous with trending hashtags – the number is an overall number of all the posts that use a hashtag, and they can be from a long time ago. But you can easily verify this by browsing through the actual posts.)

You can also search online for currently trending hashtags for Instagram – there are many sites that keep track of this, like this one, that’ll help you check hashtags in different categories. 

How to find the daily top hashtags on Facebook

So one thing about Facebook is that, since it works a little differently from Instagram, hashtags there are a little bit less effective. Plus, people don’t usually search for hashtags on Facebook the way they do on Instagram.

But having said that, you can still use hashtags on Facebook, and you can search for them the same way – either using Facebook’s search bar or sites that collect currently popular hashtags.

Daily Hashtags - how to find daily hashtags
Searching for Monday hashtags on Facebook

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