We helped businesses grow in 2020. Here’s how.

We helped businesses grow in 2020. Here’s how.

Today I’d like to share a story with you. I want to tell you how was 2020 for us, what we noticed during this year and what we decided to do about it.

Here’s what we noticed in 2020:

1. Some businesses had to cut costs, and they decided to ditch social media. If a business doesn’t have a social media strategy, Facebook or Instagram is often used just for building a brand. And that’s something you can put on hold in difficult times.

2. On the other hand, some brands live on social media. Online stores, fashion brands, cosmetics producers, and so on. Their customers are there, too. Social media helps to connect brands and customers, and this is how it was in 2020.

3. Some businesses, especially e-commerce stores, noticed their growth rocket during the pandemic. They had to hire new employees, including social media specialists: both marketers and customer success representatives.

Now look:

We’ve been watching closely what’s happening, and we’ve decided to develop NapoleonCat to help teams work better together on social media. Especially those smashing it right now.

NapoleonCat was and always will be a great tool for small businesses employing a few people. However, now it’s even better for teams: small, medium, and big ones. Here’s why:

Here’s what helps companies:

1. Real-time collaboration features

Social media and customer service teams are currently collaborating closer than ever before. Intending to improve remote teamwork, we’ve decided to enrich our Social Inbox with a brand new update: real-time collaboration.

This new feature makes remote work truly effortless! You’re able to keep track of what everyone’s doing, even though you’re not in the same room. 

With the new, improved view, you can be sure that you won’t overlap with any of your colleagues and answer the same comment or message.

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2. Inbox Translations 

Inbox Translations means translations available both for incoming communications and moderator replies.

Since the translations are available without any additional fees, you can scale your business but not necessarily your budget. 

You’ll find it useful:

  • if your social profiles cater to a multinational audience and/or 
  • when you’d like to scale your business, but you struggle to provide foreign clients with sufficient customer support.

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3. New Publisher 

– a tool that supports content creation, scheduling, and publishing; designed to lighten the workload of individuals and teams.

Using the new Publisher, you can craft your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business posts.

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That’s not all:

We’ve put our knowledge out there for free and published almost 100 articles on our blog. We can teach you how to:

  • sell on social media,
  • support your customers,
  • automate your efforts,
  • use best practices to grow your business,
  • and so on.

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