Top Trending Memes on Social Media (July 2024)

Top Trending Memes on Social Media (July 2024)

People love memes. They’re not only funny and easy to digest, but they have the ability to transcend their initial context and spark ongoing dialogue within and across communities. 

As a business looking to create an authentic connection with your audience, incorporating memes into your social media marketing campaign is one of the best ways to make them love your brand. After all, 55% of 13-35-year-olds send memes on a weekly basis. 

Simply put, memes are the best way to convince your audience that you’re not just a regular brand, but a cool brand.

But to create memes that will resonate with your followers, you need to stay current with the latest meme trends (besides, understanding what makes them tick, of course).

In this blog post, we provide you with an updated list of trending memes organized on a monthly basis.

(also, we’ll continue to update this list monthly, so make sure to bookmark this page)

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Trending Memes: July 2024

Presidential debate memes

Former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden confronted one another in a presidential debate last Thursday. 

Their discussion went viral on all social media platforms because, amid the debate, the two politicians decided to brag about their golf skills and began to make fun of each other.

So let’s not kid ourselves, we all knew that it was only a matter of time until we saw a huge flood of memes.

And here it is.

trending memes - biden meme

Trending Memes: June 2024

“I am my perimeter and my perimeter is me”

The “I am my perimeter and my perimeter is me” social media meme originated in a streamer’s Snapiyya gameplay video of Rainbow Six Siege. 

When opposing forces ambush the player, he begins his monologue in a soldier-like accent to uphold his morale and make the situation funny and dramatic at the same time.

This meme literally exploded all over social media, as users came up with funny scenarios in which they put Snapiyya’s audio.

And needless to say, I couldn’t relate more to some of those.

And here’s an all-time classic:

trending memes - thou shall show no fear meme

Trending Memes: May 2024

“You wouldn’t last an hour in the asylum where they raised me”

Taylor Swift again, huh?

You probably have heard (or even listened to if you’re a Swiftie) about her new album “The Tortured Poets Department” by now. Don’t be fooled by this brief introduction, her body of work isn’t the main topic of this article. But the memes that came with it are.

Lyrics from the song “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?” took social media by storm in the form of a viral meme. It appears that people love the phrase “you wouldn’t last an hour in the asylum where they raised me” and find it very relatable because the meme influx is enormous. Here are some examples:

trending memes - plants vs zombies meme

I mean, who didn’t play Plants vs Zombies back in the good old days.

trending memes - mcdonlads playground meme

I believe this one doesn’t need an explanation. All I’m going to say is that I wish they would let me play there one more time.

Trending Memes: April 2024

Which X reminds you of your girlfriend/boyfriend

Memes are possibly one of the most popular ways of interacting with one another.

And, needless to say, they are getting more and more personal nowadays.

Social media users came up with a new meme that recently went viral all over various platforms. All you have to do to participate is create a collage of photos featuring literally anything that reminds you of your significant other.

In this case, variations are limitless so get creative and come up with something original 🙂

Pets are a timeless classic. How about cartoon characters, though?

trending memes - april 2024

Trending Memes: March 2024

“I wouldn’t tell anyone I won the lottery, but there will be signs” meme

What would you do after winning a lottery?

Most people would probably buy luxurious mansions, sports cars, or all-around-the-world trips.

Social media users, however, took that concept to another level and came up with all kinds of hilarious and unconventional ideas. I guess that the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do in that scenario.

Well, I don’t know about the peckers, but the second video really hits the spot, doesn’t it?

Trending Memes: February 2024

Just ate half a X, saving the rest for later

I probably know what you are thinking – what is so peculiar about saving half of your meal for later, and why on earth is this meme all over TikTok right now?

Well, the crucial thing here is what you call a half and what it looks like to you. TikTok users seem to prove the point that there is nothing certain about that, and the ways in which people leave their half-eaten foods for later come in various, often unconventional, forms and shapes.

Definitely not what I would expect if I asked someone to leave half of a banana for me.

Trending Memes: January 2024

Dry January

Partied too hard on the New Year’s Eve? Others definitely did.

That is why Dry January memes are trending now on social media and oh boy are they hilarious.

The Dry January movement encourages people to abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages for the entire month of January. It is often embraced as a New Year’s resolution and a way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle after the indulgences of the holiday season.

On various social media platforms users share humorous memes illustrating their experiences, challenges, and achievements during their Dry January journey. The question remains – are you in or out?

Trending Memes - dry january

Trending Memes: December 2023

Walmart Employee Retires Meme

In December 2023, a Walmart employee named Gail Lewis went viral on TikTok after announcing her retirement over the chain store’s loudspeakers.

In the video, the former Walmart employee can be seen wearing her laborer attire while announcing via walkie-talkie: “Attention Walmart, this is Gail Lewis. 10-year associate Morris, Illinois 8-4-4, signing out, good night.”

The video then cuts to Gail filming inside her car, sharing her “happy sad” emotions about bidding farewell to her Walmart family. She also hinted at a new job she’s already loving but kept it under wraps because of the attention she’s been getting.

See Gail’s viral TikTok video below.

I’m guessing you know what happened next, because…, memers gonna meme. The results of the ensuing meme fest were a mixed bag, ranging from heartwarming farewells to outlandish speculations about her new job.

The one about her joining the NFL takes the cake.

Trending Memes - walmart employee retires

Trending Memes: November 2023

Spotify Wrapped Memes

November is that time of the year when Spotify Wrapped takes center stage on everybody’s timelines while spilling the beans on your musical journey (and questionable music taste).

In 2023, the music streaming app made Spotify Wrapped even more interesting with the introduction of “Sound Town,” sorting users into districts based on their musical preferences. To top it off, Spotify added a personal touch with artists sending “thank you” messages to their top streamers. 

As expected, Spotify Wrapped gave social media users yet another reason to create hilarious (and dank) memes. As per usual, social media peeps loved the roast fest.

This meme below was exactly me when my Spotify Wrapped outed me for being into cheesy 80s ballads.

Trending Memes - spotify wrapped

And this is me pretending 2023 never happened.

Trending Memes - spotify wrapped 2

Trending Memes: October 2023

Fat Guy Standing With Hands in Pockets Meme

When you see American comedian Kevin James going viral, you know the internet is having a field day. 

I mean, look at him. 

Instagram reels editing app - Fat Guy Standing

If that ain’t meme material, I don’t know what is. And if you’re familiar with the show The King of Queens, you’d know Kevin James is The Guy when it comes to making ordinary moments extraordinary.

This is why the  “Fat Guy Standing With Hands in Pockets” meme blew up. It encapsulates the actor’s relatable nonchalance.

Because you have to admit, this meme perfectly captures those everyday moments when you just can’t be bothered.

Instagram reels editing app - Fat Guy Standing 2

The meme was such a homerun that Kevin James himself capitalized on the meme by launching his “Double Hands in the Pocket” tour

And that, my friends, is why the King of Queens can’t be dethroned.

Trending Memes: September 2023

2023 MTV VMAs Memes

The 2023 MTV VMAs was a night of outstanding performances, and yes, memeable moments. 

With so many celebrities under one roof, netizens knew they were in for a meme feast. And they didn’t disappoint.

To the surprise of no one, Taylor Swift fed the meme machine. Some of the best VMA memes featured Swift’s most candid moments. 

Swift not only bagged nine VMAs but also gave us another glimpse of her down-to-earth side. Caught on cam struggling with a cup holder, Taylor gives us yet another reminder that she is just like us, despite her legendary status.

Trending Memes - mtv gala

Now let’s talk about the NSYNC reunion. The crowd went wild when Timberlake, Chasez, Bass, Fatone, and Kirkpatrick showed up on stage. But the crowd reaction paled in comparison to what happened in the meme-sphere.

Because when NSYNC shows up, you know IT’S GONNA BE MEME. 

Trending Memes - NSYNC

To wrap up this section, here’s a meme of Taylor Swift fangirling over them.

Trending Memes - taylor swift nsync
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Trending Memes: August 2023

Boston Cop Slide Meme

August had us all gripping our stomachs, not in pain, but in laughter, thanks to the Boston cop who took a detour from duty to conquer a playground slide.

Picture this: a cop, stomach-down, hurtling down the slide like a secret agent on a mission.

Now, before you get too concerned, the Boston police assured us he’s okay – at least, mostly. Still, how the Boston cop attained warp speed tumbling down that slide remains an unsolved mystery. 

If you’re curious, check out the clip of this gravity-defying cop moment; it’s internet gold.

Trending Memes - cop slide

And guess what happened next? Suddenly, social media was flooded with hundreds of memes putting a unique spin on the sliding cop.

I almost spit out my drink watching this:

Trending Memes - cop slide 2

Trending Memes: July 2023

Barbie Memes

Barbie was the biggest summer movie in 2023, earning $256.6 million at the box office at the end of its first seven days.

The Margot Robbie-led film sparked a lot of buzz even before it hit the theaters. No surprise there. After all, the toy company has been a cultural touchstone for decades, 

Amid the heated conversations, hot takes, and debates (mostly touching on feminism and female empowerment, among other things) are the funny memes. To say it opened the floodgates is an understatement.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this one had me in stitches.

Trending Memes - barbie

Barbenheimer Memes

Barbie wasn’t the only talk of the town in July 2023. In fact, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, which earned $33 million on its opening day, dropped into cinemas on the same day.

The two films were big blockbusters. But more interesting is the fact that the two films are polar opposites in every conceivable way. It’s like seeing two photon beams smashing each other at light speed from opposite ends. 

The result is nothing short of explosive. But instead of creating new particles, it created #Barbenheimer memes. They blew the internet wide open.

This meme below is all of us. 

Trending Memes - barbenheimer

Trending Memes: June 2023

The Grimace Shake meme

If you’ve been scrolling through social media in June, especially TikTok, you’ve likely stumbled upon the uproarious Grimace Shake meme. 

Yes, we’re talking about Grimace, the purple McDonald’s character. Apparently the character has a birthday, and the fast-food giant celebrated with a limited-time creation – the Grimace Shake.

The trend kicked off when @thefrazmaz shared a TikTok video of himself sipping the mysterious concoction, only to cut to a scene where he dramatically lies on the ground, purple liquid oozing from his mouth, and the spilled shake tipped over. 

As of this writing, the video has garnered 469.5k likes and 4,727 comments on TikTok. Needless to say, the trend caught on, as countless TikTokers did their own version of the meme.

It also brought out the creativity of people on the Internet, particularly the knack for offbeat humor typical of Gen Z’ers. 

Even at the end of 2023, people were still talking about it, churning out their unique takes on the Grimace Shake meme. So, if you haven’t joined the Grimace festivities yet, you might want to jump in on the trend and sip in (if you dare).

Jennifer Lawrence’s “What Do You Mean?” Meltdown on Hot Ones

Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winning star of The Hunger Games, is thriving — to put it mildly. And she shows no sign of slowing down as she pulled off another Oscar-worthy performance in 2023 with No Hard Feelings.

Known for her quirky humor and off-the-cuff remarks, Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to meme fame. In June 2023, she made the rounds again on social media in the wake of her interview in The Hot Ones (you know, that YouTube talk show where host Sean Evans asks celebrities hot questions as they eat hot wings). 

Jennifer Lawrence may have survived The Hunger Games, but she won’t leave the show unscathed.

Lawrence did pretty well at first.  But things took a hilarious turn from Wing 5 onward. After Wing 8 (the one called “Da Bomb),  Jennifer started sobbing or laughing (or was she crying?). The poor dear started sipping cold water to soothe her burning mouth. But she kept screaming, “nothing helps.”

The highlight of the interview? A teary-eyed Jennifer Lawrence repeatedly asking a bewildered Sean Evans, “What do you mean?” The way she said it, it’s like she went through all stages of grief in a few seconds. 

See the clip for yourself.

Trending Memes - Jennifer Lawrence

Unsurprisingly, Jennifer Lawrence’s Hot Ones interview gave birth to a ton of memes. Here’s my favorite:

Trending Memes - Jennifer Lawrence 2

Trending Memes: May 2023

Emma Chamberlain x Jack Harlow Meme

YouTube personality Emma Chamberlain has been the internet’s “It Girl” since she launched her career on the platform at the age of 16. When Emma assumed the role of Vogue’s on-cam interviewer at the Met Gala red carpet in May 2022, she gave us another good reason to fall in love with her again.

During her encounter with American rapper Jack Harlow, things took a weird turn as their exchanges straddled the line between awkward and funny. It created an oddly endearing effect.

For example, when Emma asked Jack what he was wearing, Jack responded in his typical good-naturedly deadpan tone, “a suit.” To which Emma replied, “By whom?”

The interview took a weirder turn when they exchanged “I love yas.” When Harlow stepped away from the interview, Emma was left with an expression that seemed to say, “What the hell happened?” And so a meme was born.

Trending Memes - Emma Chamberlain x Jack Harlow

Fast forward to the Met Gala 2023, and guess what? Emma Chamberlain and Jack Harlow had a reunion. And yes, you guessed it – they exchanged another round of “I love yas.” The moment reignited the meme, proving that some things are just too good not to repeat.

Trending Memes - Emma Chamberlain x Jack Harlow 2

King Charles Coronation Meme

On May 6, 2023, the UK witnessed a royal spectacle as King Charles III ascended to the throne, accompanied by Queen Consort Camille. The coronation, held at the majestic Westminster Abbey, marked a historic moment as Charles became the 40th British monarch, succeeding his late mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Now, here’s the unexpected twist – the solemnity of this traditional and religious event became an unexpected breeding ground for memes. Who would’ve thought that King Charles, not exactly your typical meme material, would become the star of the internet?

The memes that emerged were nothing short of hilarious. What made the memes even more funny is the fact that Charles is not exactly meme material. 

Trending Memes - King Charles

But let’s face it – sometimes, the most unlikely candidates can tickle a funny bone we didn’t know we had, at least given the right circumstances.

Wrap up

Memes aren’t going anywhere. In fact, if we can exclusively communicate with each other in memes, the world will be a much better place (I’ll die on this hill). 

Embracing memes not only gives your audience a glimpse of the real you but also allows you to connect with your audiences in a relatable and engaging manner. So keep creating memes that are relatable and funny to your audience. They’ll love you for it.

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FAQs: Top Trending Social Media Memes of 2023

How to find trending memes?

To find trending memes, regularly explore popular social media platforms and meme aggregator websites, stay informed about current pop culture, engage with online communities, and follow meme creators and influencers for the latest trends. 

How often should I post memes on social media?

The frequency of posting memes depends on your audience and platform. Aim for a consistent schedule, whether it’s daily, a few times a week, or as fits your audience’s engagement patterns. Monitor responses and adjust your posting frequency accordingly.

Should I create my own memes or share existing ones?

Both creating original memes and sharing existing ones can be effective. Creating original content adds a unique touch to your brand, while sharing existing memes taps into established trends. Balance both approaches to keep your content fresh and aligned with the current online culture.

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