The 8 Best Marketing YouTube Channels To Follow in 2024 

The 8 Best Marketing YouTube Channels To Follow in 2024 

If you want to level up your game and learn new skills as a marketer, you can’t go wrong with YouTube. 

For one thing, it’s free. As the dudebros on Twitter are fond of saying, “YouTube is literally a free university for those willing to learn.”

While I have an issue with the above statement, YouTube is indeed a great resource for learning in-demand skills in this era’s brave new world of information overload.

And as a marketer, you’d do well to take advantage of the video-sharing platform’s rich library of content.

However, not all YouTube video marketing channels are created equal. Some marketing channels there are not worth your time.

And that’s why we did the research and created a curated list of the top YouTube marketing channels in 2024 (and beyond).

Let’s begin.

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Manage YouTube comments from multiple channels in one place

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Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk (more popularly known as “Gary Vee” is already a household name in the marketing industry (even my 8-year-old son knows the guy), and for many good reasons.

Gary built up his reputation through sheer determination and hard work, leveraging the web to turn his father’s New Jersey-based wine shop into a multimillion-dollar business. Now, as an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and marketing agency founder, Vaynerchuk continues to impart his knowledge as a marketer via his YouTube marketing channel, GaryVee.

With 4.29 million subscribers, Gary’s YouTube channel’s success can be attributed to his brutally honest takes and unfiltered insights into the marketing industry.

Throw in Gary Vee’s knack for identifying trends and patterns within the marketing landscape, it’s unsurprising that the GaryVee YouTube channel remains a go-to resource for both seasoned professionals and newcomers.With a down-to-earth approach, Gary Vee’s channel serves as an invaluable asset for anyone looking for authentic, no-nonsense guidance about marketing. And for those who feel they’re down in the dumps and want to be inspired.

Social Media Examiner

Founded and hosted by Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner has become a trusted resource for businesses and marketers who want to be successful in growing their brand on social media.

With a subscriber base of 303K (and counting), Social Media Examiner has built a reputation for its “smart marketing” approach. The platform believes in the power of strategic approaches to differentiate brands in the competitive social media industry.

Michael Stelzner’s brainchild provides practical advice, actionable strategies, and the latest trends in social media marketing. 

At Social Media Examiner, the emphasis is on simplicity and effectiveness. From tips on using hashtags on Instagram for maximum exposure to tutorials on running your first YouTube ad successfully, Social Media Examiner has video content that both beginners and seasoned marketers will find useful.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean, serial entrepreneur and founder of SEO agency Backlinko, has established himself as a reliable guide for marketers looking to build a successful 7-figure business. Known for providing expert SEO and link-building advice, Brian’s YouTube channel has become an excellent resource for SEOs and marketers who want to dominate the SERPs.

Boasting 549K subscribers, Brian Dean’s channel is a treasure trove of marketing knowledge, so much so that Brian was recognized as an “SEO genius” by Entrepreneur and a “brilliant entrepreneur” by Inc Magazine.

At the core of Brian’s online presence is his award-winning blog, Backlinko, which was listed by Forbes as a top “blog to follow.” This accolade speaks to the quality and relevance of the content Brian consistently delivers.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, Brian Dean’s YouTube channel is a wellspring of instructive content. From practical business strategies to SEO tactics, his channel provides clear, practical, actionable advice that will help push ambitious marketers to the top of their field.

Manage all your YouTube comments from one place

Manage all your YouTube comments from one place

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Ask any SEO their favorite all-in-one SEO tool and nearly half of them will shout “Semrush”! But Semrush is popular not only because of its top-notch all-in-one marketing tool but also because the company has established itself as a trusted go-to resource for those seeking marketing advice and SEO tutorials.

With a subscriber count of 175k and counting, Semrush’s YouTube channel consistently delivers new content every week, making it a regular stop for marketers who want to stay abreast of the latest trends and strategies.

Known for their practical approach, Semrush’s videos are designed to be actionable, providing real value to viewers. The content spans a variety of topics, including SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and advertising. This breadth ensures that marketers find the guidance they need. And their guidance becomes even more valuable if you’re using Semrush’s extensive suite of tools—over 55 in total.

In addition to tutorials, Semrush’s YouTube channel presents inspirational case studies, giving viewers concrete and nuanced insights. These real-world examples add a layer of practicality to their videos, making it easier for viewers to implement strategies in their campaigns.

For Semrush users, the YouTube channel serves as a valuable extension of the platform, offering insights into maximizing the potential of the tools available. Whether you’re a beginner looking for foundational knowledge or an experienced marketer aiming to refine your skills, Semrush’s YouTube channel is a reliable companion on your digital marketing journey.

Vanessa Lau

Vanessa Lau is a Canadian entrepreneur, business coach, and social media strategist. She is known for her expertise in helping individuals and businesses grow their online presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Vanessa Lau has gained popularity through her YouTube channel, where she shares “real” insights, tips, and tutorials on entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and building an online business. 

Her content often focuses on practical strategies for personal branding, content creation, and digital marketing.

On top of her impactful presence online, Vanessa Lau has also extended her influence beyond marketing by offering coaching programs and courses designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a well-known entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and author who began his journey in the marketing industry at 16. He is recognized for his contributions to online marketing and has co-founded several successful companies, including Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics.

But if there’s one thing Neil Patel is most recognized for, it’s his in-depth, practical tutorials on YouTube. Neil Patel’s YouTube channel primarily focuses on digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, and other related topics. On his channel, he shares valuable insights, tips, and tutorials to help businesses like yours create content in a way that can easily find its way to your audience.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Neil was honored by then-President Barack Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30.

With 1.23 million subscribers and 1.5k videos, Neil Patel’s YouTube channel remains a favorite resource among marketers who want videos that can simplify complex ideas and break them down into digestible tips and advice. 

While known for long-form videos, Patel has been making a killing with his short videos on YouTube, too. 


Ahrefs TV is a digital marketing powerhouse dedicated to publishing actionable tutorials on SEO and YouTube marketing. With an impressive 485k subscribers, the channel has amassed a substantial library of content, totaling 295 videos, each ranging from 15 to 20 minutes.

The focus of Ahrefs TV is clear – to guide viewers in growing organic traffic on Google, enhancing visibility on YouTube, and establishing a robust online presence across various marketing channels. The tutorials are designed to cater to a broad audience, from beginners looking to grasp the basics to seasoned marketers aiming to refine their strategies.

Sam Oh, VP of Marketing at Ahrefs TV, is also the host of the YouTube channel. With his unique ability to break down complex topics into understandable and actionable steps, it’s not surprising that Ahrefs TV has garnered a large following. Sam also has a subtle, comical delivery that makes you want to keep watching. He’s like the math teacher you wish you had in high school.

Marie Forleo

Best Marketing YouTube Channels - marie forleo

Marie Forleo, a marketing expert and host of the award-winning online show MarieTV, offers a unique personal and professional growth perspective. Each episode is meticulously crafted to inspire viewers to realize their greatest potential and leverage their unique talents to make a positive impact on the world.

Do mind that Marie’s content isn’t always about marketing. Nevertheless, every video content she puts out brims with ideas that can transform you into a better marketer, especially if you’re a creator aiming to positively influence people’s lives. 

Marie Forleo stands out by going against the grain, emphasizing the importance of slowing down and providing insights on taking control of your mind to manifest your dreams.

As if you need another reason to watch Marie’s videos, legendary marketer Seth Godin is a regular guest on the show. The Seth Godin: Marketing Strategies That Work video, published five years ago, remains as relevant as ever, if not more.

Final thoughts on the best marketing YouTube channels

The world of marketing has shiny new objects every year. Every month, or every day, there will always be “marketing gurus” claiming to have the secret sauce for marketing success.

Don’t fall for these hucksters. If you want to grow as a marketer, you need to follow marketing experts who know what they’re talking about. Follow the YouTube channels listed in this guide, and you’ll be off to a great start!

As a marketer yourself, you’d do well to be a part of the conversation by creating YouTube content that educates your target audience and helps you build an engaged community.

But building a YouTube channel that engages audiences takes work. By using NapoleonCat’s YouTube management tools for business, you get the features you need to build a YouTube channel that engages your audience, from managing YouTube comments from multiple channels in one place to analyzing your channel’s performance.

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