Product Update – Get Information in Seconds with Social Inbox Search Engine  

Product Update – Get Information in Seconds with Social Inbox Search Engine  

Have you ever needed to dig up that specific content from your Inbox, but there are a lot of interactions to look through after applying the filters? 

Or do you have a strong feeling that this user looks familiar from other social media platforms, and you wish there would be an easy way to see if you talked with them before?

Maybe you have consulted a similar question with your boss, but that e-mail got lost somewhere, and now you will need to ask them again? 

You were not alone, and many of our clients were asking for the possibility to easily and quickly search their social media interactions like private conversations, comments or reviews.. Our newest improvement in the Social Inbox is the answer.

The long-awaited magnifying glass icon 

The Search Engine is here! As part of our PRO plan, you can search through content and users. 

If your team needs a more advanced search in internal notes or the content sent to internal consultation, you can expand your plan with an Advanced Search Add-On. 

social inbox search - search engine in social inbox

With the Search Engine, you can look for anything you need in your Social Inbox, and by adding * to the end of a phrase as a wildcard, to find alternative word endings. 

Choose the date range, the desired keyword, and which fields you want to search:

You can search all of your Inbox, including New and Archived tabs.

Use the toggle button and quickly access information about: 

  • Users – Search through past conversations with a given user to get a broader picture or refresh your memory.  Check if the user has interacted with you using other social media platforms but using a similar nickname to other platforms you’ve chatted with before? What interactions did you decide to delete or flag?
  • Content – look for the interactions containing a specific phrase to understand how often it appears on your social media. If you notice a lot of similar questions or topics coming up, maybe it’s time to think about setting up some Auto-moderation rules? This function is also useful when you work on the Inbox as a team. For example, you can explore how your colleagues reacted to similar messages in the past. 
  • Internal note – Explore previously created internal comments and recommendations from other team members. You won’t miss out on internal agreements and guidance by having easy access to internal notes.
  • Sent to consult – Don’t you want to ask something a second time? Or you remembered a similar case when you got great advice from your legal department all-star Jane? Find the information you need in the external content consultations. 

Keep those ideas coming!

We keep working to improve NapoleonCat for you. We have introduced an Idea Board for your proposals if you have any suggestions. You can also see our product roadmap and follow the ideas already implemented.  

Simply visit our ProductBoard or click on the rocket icon in the bottom left corner of NapoleonCat. 

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