Social Media Users – Brazil and Argentina

Using our free browser, we compiled social media user demographics for Brazil and Argentina. Over the course of the last 8 months, here’s how much have changed in the number of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger users:

Facebook users in Brazil

As you might have observed from our recent blog posts with social media user statistics, it seems like more and more people are quitting Facebook. Over the last 8 months, 10 600 000 users left Facebook in Brazil.

Facebook users in Argentina

Same downward trend is happening in Argentina. While the amount of Facebook users there is considerably smaller than in Brazil, the decline is nearly 3 million people – 2 990 000 to be exact. If this group was a city, it would be the 2nd populated one in Argentina.

Instagram users in Brazil

On the contrary to Facebook, Instagram is gaining in users in Brazil. Since September 2018, 3 190 000 people joined the social network.

Instagram users in Argentina

A very tiny increase in the number of Instagrammers in Argentina – 60 000 people have joined the visually engaging social media platform since September 2018.

Messenger users in Brazil

Over the last 8 months, 10 050 000 people quit using the Messenger platform in Brazil. That is almost as much as the country’s most populated city – Sao Paolo (12 176 866).

Messenger users in Argentina

2 720 000 people left the Messenger social media platform since September 2018. Again, that’s twice the size as Argentina’s second-populated city Córdoba.

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