Brush up your social media skills with the NapoleonCat Academy

Brush up your social media skills with the NapoleonCat Academy

Want to make social media your career? Or gain some new marketable skills if you’re already on your way to becoming a Social Media Guru (or whatever title you’re pursuing, because, yeah, I cringed a little at the “guru” myself?)

NapoleonCat’s just launched its Academy, where you want to be to get ahead in your career plans.

Who is it for?

If you’re someone working in social media or looking to get hired for a social media position, you might be interested in taking the certification course:

  • You lead a social media or customer service team and are looking for ways to improve your workflows, analytics, reporting, and overall social media performance
  • You want to onboard team members and show them how to use NapoleonCat without spending the time teaching them yourself
  • You’re looking for a job in social media and want a professional certification on your resume, proving the practical skills in using NapoleonCat’s social media management platform
  • You’re a business owner or content creator and want to learn using NapoleonCat – and do it whenever you have the time
  • You want to make sure you’re using NapoleonCat in a way that lets you get the most out of it. 

What it takes to build a career in social media

There are tons of things you can do in social media as a professional career – it’s not just posting memes, you know 🙂And online courses are a great way to break into the industry and pick up the necessary skills, even if you graduated in a completely different field.

Here are just a few of the jobs you can go for with the right social media skills under your belt (Disclaimer: this list is by no means exhaustive, especially as the Internet and social media change literally all the time.)

Social media manager for a brand or agency 

In this role, you’ll be responsible for the entire social media presence of your own brand, a company you work for, or the brand(s) of one or more clients if you work for an agency.

And to do that, you’ll need to be able to do things like:

  • Know social media trends and how to translate them into a brand’s online presence
  • Decide on the best channels for a brand and be able to create or oversee the creation of relevant content
  • Know how to research target audiences and align the content with their needs
  • Know how to analyze competitor performance on social media and how to create benchmarks
  • Though you’ll often have to do all the things by yourself, you might also manage social media specialists/content creators/community managers with time (so people skills are essential)

Content Creator

Whether working for someone (a brand or an agency) or yourself, freelance or full-time, you’ll need some skills like:

  • Creativity to come up with content that’s not repetitive (and that sometimes can even go viral)
  • Empathy to connect with your audience and be able to deliver content that resonates with them
  • Solid knowledge of social media scheduling tools to automate the content publishing process (if that’s part of your job)
  • Technical skills in things like video or image editing and copywriting
  • And a good understanding of how content can enhance marketing and sales (because, let’s not forget, it’s what it’s supposed to do in the end.)

Influencer Marketing Manager

With many digital creators working with brands, there usually has to be someone on the brand side to make sure all those collabs get the results they want. To become an influencer marketing manager, you’ll need things like:

  • A solid understanding of how digital marketing works overall
  • A solid knowledge of social media trends and the digital creators out there 
  • A knack for social media analytics to better understand the numbers behind someone’s following and engagement on social media (because it’s not just the number of followers that counts)
  • Content creation experience is also usually a plus. 


Yes, being an influencer can be a full-time job. But to do it right, it takes more than an “Internet personality.” These can be things like:

  • Knowledge of how social media works in general and how to build a following and engagement on different platforms
  • Content creation and planning skills, plus the knowledge of social media management tools to streamline the process
  • Understanding what your target audience needs and how you can marry it with what brands want (and being able to read social media analytics definitely comes in handy here)
  • A general understanding of marketing and sales – especially if you want to land well-paid deals, you need to know what results you can bring.

Social Media Analyst

Though the job of a social media analyst often falls with the marketing analyst in general (or is a part of the do-it-all social media manager), understanding the numbers behind social media marketing can be a full-time job.

And besides the obvious analytical skills, you’ll also need to be good at “reading” social media in general: not just the numbers but the overall role it plays in marketing, sales, and customer service for your company.

Community Manager

Community managers usually deal with comment moderation and, more generally, community building. They’re the ones engaging directly in the comments and DMs. And, usually, they’re the ones always on call whenever something needs a quick reaction from the brand.

The must-have skills for community managers include:

  • Great communication skills. They’re on the frontline of all those customer conversations.
  • Solid knowledge of comment moderation tools to make their lives easier and reduce the time it takes to respond (plus the chaos that comes with moderating comments on multiple pages.)

Social Customer Service Rep

Similar to community managers, social customer service reps are people in direct contact with the customer. The difference is they usually do the heavy lifting – answering difficult product questions, handling complaints, getting problems solved, etc. 

Besides excellent communication skills, they benefit from knowing and using tools that help coordinate customer service workflows on social media. Plus, general knowledge of how social media works and an understanding of their target audience definitely help support customers better.

How can NapoleonCat Academy help?

Getting into social media is not as easy as some may think. At least, when you want to be really good at it (and you do, am I right?) 

But it’s also not impossible, either. It’s not enough to just be great at scrolling TikTok 😉

For starters, you need to know things like:
  • The basics of online marketing
  • The basics of customer service
  • How social media tools and algorithms work
  • Why brands and creators should be on social media in the first place, and what results they can get.

And so on and so forth.

Luckily, with the right skills and knowledge and the experience you gain, while you already work, you’ll get better and better at it. 

Plus, you can take practical courses that will help you understand social media for business better and get more efficient using them.

Which is precisely what the NapoleonCat Academy was designed to do.

It’s a free, self-paced certification course – just one for now, with many more to come in the near future. And you get a certificate you can share on social media or add to your CV or LinkedIn profile.

What’s inside the course?

The first course focuses on using the NapoleonCat platform to manage your social media accounts. You’ll learn things like:

  • How to set up your NapoleonCat account
  • How to use it to save time moderating social media comments using the Social Inbox and Auto-moderation
  • How to plan your social media schedule and automatically post your content on multiple social media channels
  • How to organize team workflows using the tool
  • How to create and schedule automated social media reports, including all the key social media metrics and why they’re important for business
  • How to monitor your social media performance and your competitors.

Ready to hone your social media management skills?

Go to NapoleonCat Academy and sign up for the course. Then follow the lessons to complete it – when and where you like – and get your certificate. The course is self-paced, so, no need to worry about the timing (I know you’re probably busy and have other stuff to do, right?)

Then share your certificate on social media (and don’t forget to tag @NapoleonCat! )

Good luck!

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