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Instagram is growing at an amazing speed. Marketers around the world have been trying to tame this beast for a long time. Instagram itself does not make their lives easy even with such simple features like the ability to switch between accounts for easier comments management or analytics to track and report on the effects. We have good news for you, though. With NapoleonCat, a social media engagement tool, you’re now able to:

  • reply to or delete comments on many profiles in one place,
  • get detailed analytics on ANY Instagram profile,
  • get comparative analytics on many profiles at the same time,
  • work collaboratively on Instagram profile management.

Multiple profile management

With our social Inbox you always stay on top of all the new comments posted on one or more of your or your clients’ profiles. Inbox collects them all in one place and displays them in the chronological order. The same applies to your Facebook pages.

NapoleonCat inbox

You can delete each comment, reply to it or just mark as read when there’s no other action to take. You can also flag it to mark as important for you to come back to it later or to bring the attention of other moderators working with you. You always see how many new items you have left to read and how many have already been completed.

In-depth analytics

You can analyze any Instagram profile, be it yours or your competitors. We provide a wide range of statistics such as followers and friends growth dynamics, engagement levels, types of interactions and top stories. You will even see which hashtags generate the highest engagement rates and what is the optimum number of hashtags per post to boost engagement on your profile.

NapoleonCat - instagram - hashtag cloud

Comparative analytics

Everything is relative. So are your KPIs. Thus, it’s important to always benchmark your results against competitors or industry standards. Only then will you be able to tell if you’re doing good or great job. Also, you can plan your strategy and tactics as well as set goals and KPIs even before you get started on Instagram by analyzing others’ data. For example, by analyzing a group of profiles you can determine the best days and even hours to maximize the effectiveness of your publishing calendar (you do have one, don’t you?). Or you can see how often others publish and what their growth rates are.

NapoleonCat - instagram - engagement

There are plenty of other analytics available inside NapoleonCat. And we’re working hard to give you even more tools to master your marketing activities on Instagram. Soon you’ll be able to boost your followers ranks and create automatic PDF reports. So go ahead and create your free 14-day trial account with no limits or obligations.

PS. Did you know the header image in this article is hand drawn by our CEO Greg? Don’t believe it? Write him at and he will draw one just for you. No kidding!

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