Top Pet Influencers on Instagram AD 2018

They are cute, they have stories to tell and they are killing it on Instagram. We’ve compiled a list of top pet influencers that made a mark on Instagram in 2018.

  1. Jiffpom8.9 mln followers

We simply had to include Jiffpom as he has the biggest following out of all pets. He’s also an IMDB-listed actor. For an 8-year-old Pomeranian, that’s pretty impressive. He’s the embodiment of utter cuteness. He’s from Illinois.

  1. Nala Cat

    3.8 mln followers

The most popular cat on Instagram was actually put in an animal shelter by her previous owners when she was a tiny kitten. Her new owner took her in, gave her the perfect new life and started sharing her on social media with friends and family. He had no clue that she was going to become a celebrity. 

  1. Doug The Pug

    3.6 mln followers

The most popular pug on the Internet. Doug has made appearances with various celebrities and has appeared at special events such as music festivals, meet and greets and movie premieres. Among his celebrity friends are Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Stranger Things cast. He also appeared in Katy Perry‘s music video for “Swish Swish“. 

  1. Juniper the Fox

    2.6 mln followers

Juniper breaks out of the stereotype that foxes can’t be cute. Everything she does, she does with a smile. She was adopted and has a great relationship with a dog named Moose and a younger Fox called Fig. She also paints with her paws and had an entire book written about her in 2018. 

  1. Marutaro

    2.5 mln followers

What’s the next stage for any style influencer? Starting your own product line of course. Marutaro is a Japanese celebrity dog who runs his own online store with products inspired by no other than Muraturo himself. Literally and figuratively. Because who wouldn’t want a paper plate or a scarf with his cute face on it? When this dog takes a walk, the whole world is watching.

  1. Real Grumpy Cat

    2.4 mln followers

Positivity is overrated. Real Grumpy Cat is to Instagram what the Grinch is to Christmas – consistently challenging the status quo of the smiley face regime. Everyone knows the grumpy cat memes, so it was a no-brainer to put this celebrity cat on the list. Grumpy also has a shop with some seriously grumpy merch. She made several appearances on talk-shows and had a book written about her. 

  1.  Marnie The Dog

    2 mln followers

Marnie was a street dog living in Connecticut. She was taken to an animal shelter where she was given the nickname “Stinky”. She also had some health problems. Some of them were taken care of, but her hearing is still impaired. Her life was transformed when she was 11 and got adopted and gained head-turning social media popularity. Marnie is 17 now and has appeared in various advertisements.

  1. Harlow, Sage, Indiana, Reese and Ezra

    1.7 mln followers

At the beginning, it was just Harlow and Sage. They were best friends. Sadly, Sage passed away in 2013. A year later Indiana joined Harlow and the family has been growing ever since. Their instagram account shares the life of a tight-knit group of friends who happen to be cute dogs. If you want to test your limits of cuteness intake, check out the beautifully photographed profile of the happy bunch.

  1. Venus the Two-Faced Cat

    1.6 mln followers

Venus is a lady cat who looks like the character Two-Face from Batman. Only a million times cuter. She challenges pet beauty standards and does so with grace. 

  1. Real Diddy Kong

    1 mln followers

The life of this tiny pet monkey changed when he was adopted and a video of him taking a bath went viral. After this clip, Diddy’s Instagram account blew up. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg started following him and he also appeared in Wiz Khalifa’s music video.

  1. Jill The Squirrel

    611 thousand followers

She was rescued from a deadly hurricane after she fell out of her nest. The family took her in and they became inseparable. She made friends with the other family pets and took Instagram by storm. Today, Jill is the world’s most famous squirrel.

  1. Menswear Dog

    361 thousand followers

This dog will pull off any look and will do so with impeccable composure. Bodhi is a male fashionista dog whose photo shoots put Vogue to shame. He’s got his own online store catering to both stylish humans and their pet dogs. He’s got more swagger than anyone I know. Naturally, he’s got his own book, too.

  1. Hamlet the Piggy

    347 thousand followers

Hamlet first solidified her relationship with her owner, Melanie, by preventing her from having seizure attacks. This smart pig learned to recognise when her owner was showing first signs of an upcoming seizure and would lay on top of Melanie’s legs preventing her from getting up and therefore, keeping her safe. Hamlet’s Instagram is cheerful, giving us a sneak peak into her eccentric Hollywood lifestyle.

  1. Jax the Siberian Husky 

    174 thousand followers

Jax is a husky dog who gained Instagram celebrity status after a video of him going berzerk when welcoming his owner (who is a soldier) went viral on YouTube. He’s handsome, has good looking owners and lives in a perfect setting for any husky dog – Norway. 

  1. George the Sausage

    22.2 thousand followers

Sausage dogs are on the rise so we had to include George, the ridiculously cute miniature dachshund. He lives in London and is a sophisticated trotter around Queen’s parks and sausage dog parades. Utterly charming, even when holding a giant meaty lamb bone in his mouth. 

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