Social media users in the Netherlands & Belgium

Using our free browser, we compiled some data for social media users in the Netherlands and Belgium. Let’s take a look at what changed in the last 8 months:

Facebook users in the Netherlands

As of April 2019, Facebook has 8,762,000 users, which accounts for 51.1% of the country’s entire population. Since September 2018, nearly 1 million people quit using this social media platform.

Instagram users in the Netherlands

33.7% of the Dutch population use Instagram – 5,776,000 people. However, this is yet another social media network losing its users. In the last 8 months, 304,000 people gave up their title of being an Instagrammer.

Messenger users in the Netherlands

4,826,000 people used Messenger in Holland in April 2019. This makes up 28.1% of the population. What’s interesting is that Messenger lost 1,454,000 users in the last 8 months.

Facebook users in Belgium

There are 6,310,000 Facebook users in Belgium, as of April 2019. That’s 60.1% of the whole country. Since September 2018, the world’s most popular social network has shown a decrease in the number of users by 650,000.

Instagram users in Belgium

3,212,000 Belgian people used Instagram in April 2019 – 27.7% of the population. 162,000 users left Instagram in the last 8 months, which seems like a mild decrease compared to other platforms.

Messenger users in Belgium

4,870,000 Belgian people used the Messenger platform in April 2019, which accounts for 42% of the total population. The social media platform lost 230,000 users since last September. The challenge of finding a country with a growing Facebook/Instagram/Messenger user base in our weekly statistics continues..

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