Real-Time Conversation View for Messenger [Product Update]

Real-Time Conversation View for Messenger [Product Update]

We all have that one friend who messages us like this:

But these are friends, 

and we can forgive them



Nevertheless, those of you who work in social customer care might be experiencing similar methods of communication while chatting on behalf of a brand. Add that to an external social media management tool that displays each message as a separate ticket, and, voilà, double trouble. 

Unlike email or old-fashioned letters, Messenger resembles real-life conversations. Users may not be putting their thoughts into a single neat and well-structured message but just middle things as they write. 

That’s why social media professionals must follow those streams of consciousness in real-time. Otherwise, you may find yourself in hot water when you ask about stuff that the user has already mentioned in a separate message or rabbit on about something completely irrelevant.

Such situations are inconvenient for both parties; they may affect the overall customer experience and the carefully-built relationship between the brand and its customers.

We’ve decided that reworking our Social Inbox to become the most convenient channel for a positive experience is a must. From now on, you’ll be able to use our new, improved conversational Messenger view that supports you and your team in your daily efforts to build stronger relationships with your customers. 

We’ll be launching the conversational view for NapoleonCat’s users gradually throughout the coming weeks. 

How it looked

NapoleonCat’s users have been able to answer direct Facebook messages for donkey’s years. The problem is that each private message was displayed as a separate ticket, like in the picture below:

Social Inbox old view for Messenger NapoleonCat

In some situations, displaying all messages separately might have led to misunderstandings. As users tend to separate chunks of their messages (do you think it’s because they fear using periods? Cause I do!), when clicking Enter, moderators may misunderstand them or answer only a part of their question. All in the name of delivering timely responses. 

Dear moderators, if you’ve ever experienced a similar situation, you need to know it’s not you. It’s us. 

But we’ve changed! To make sure that you never ever experience sticky situations, facepalms, or frustrating explanations, we’ve improved the Messenger view in our Social Inbox.

How it looks now

We’ve just introduced a new feature – real-time conversations for Messenger. It means you won’t be receiving separate tickets every time a user clicks Enter.

In the main Inbox view, you’ll see a conversation thread condensed into a single ticket. Click on it to unveil the other messages as well as the past conversations with a particular user. 

The ticket in the main Inbox view will display the latest message sent by the user, and it will be updated in real-time. Honestly, no lags. 

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Naturally, if anyone’s been faster than you (impossible), you’ll see that they’re already answering the message, so there’s no chance you’ll overlap with any of your colleagues. 

real-time collaboration NapoleonCat

You’ll still be able to send Facebook private messages for consultation. In the thread view, choose the “Send to consult” button and check the message you wish to consult. Fill in the “Email” and “Message content” boxes and send it directly to your consultant’s email address. 

Once the person you’re consulting with replies, the answer will appear instantaneously in the conversation thread, and you’ll be able to use it during the conversation. 

The (unfair) advantage of the conversational view

At NapoleonCat, we firmly believe that social customer service is a must-have for building a successful business, especially when b2b and b2c models are slowly declining to make room for human to human relations. 

Companies strive to make online communication feel like natural, personalized, face-to-face chats with customers. As Messenger and other communicators exhibit that natural interaction pattern, they’re perfect for achieving this goal. 

With the new improvements, we help NapoleonCat users in:
  • Building loyalty and strong relationships with their customers – thanks to the contextual history of conversations, social media moderators will be able to personalize their communication and foster the same sort of relationships with their customers as “brick-and-mortar” businesses.
  • Improving response time and quality – having all ‘chunks’ of conversation delivered in real-time and in a single thread will prevent moderators from uncomfortable misunderstandings, and it will allow them to provide accurate answers faster.
  • Increasing productivity and improving team collaboration – moderators can do more in less time as the ticket’s status updates in real-time. The Messenger-based interactions are seamless and natural: moderators can leave notes and request consultations without switching between tabs or even leaving the conversation thread.

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Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. No credit card required.

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