Open letter from our CEO on raising $1.5M from a strategic investor

Open letter from our CEO on raising $1.5M from a strategic investor

We made it! NapoleonCat has raised $1.5 million from a strategic investor to further accelerate its global expansion and product development. For us, it means new exciting opportunities. For you, our user – an even more rapidly developing tool and continuous fantastic customer support. Here’s my personal take on this transaction.

We initiated the new investment process exactly one year ago – this is how long it took us to send out the first pitch deck to close the deal. As much as it was exciting, it wasn’t all roses. First of all, it took our (Blanka’s – my business partner and COO, and mine) focus away from the core of the operations much more than we and the team would have liked it to. Thus, I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our Napoleons (as we call ourselves internally) for not only bearing with us but also supporting us way beyond our expectations. 

We could have taken the first offer we got and be done with it quickly, but we wanted to make sure we’d partner with like-minded people and not just with their bank accounts. So we kept talking, saying “no” a lot, and hearing “no” even more often. But, as I said at the beginning, we made it!

On the last Friday of October, we signed the investment agreement with RTB House – a global martech company and one of the fastest-growing organizations in Europe. Not only did we raise capital to invest in NapoleonCat’s growth, but even more importantly – we gained a strategic partner that will support us with their resources and talents and help avoid inevitable mistakes of the path of rapid scaling.

But such rapid scaling usually means decreased attention to customer happiness. And that is not the option for us. We’re renowned for our empathetic support and we’ll stick to it – it’s part of our investment.

We’ll also invest the capital raised in our product so you, as a user, can achieve even more in less time and do it with a smile working with a tool that’s not only useful, but also pleasant to use – that’s our commitment. In more practical terms, we plan to integrate with more social platforms and communication channels between businesses and their audiences, double down on automating your social engagement and customer service processes, and provide deeper teamwork capabilities.

While all this will not happen overnight, we do have a plan 🙂 And you are part of it! Our users’ feedback has always been the most important source of knowledge and a vital pillar of product innovation. The process of redesigning our entire analytics stack that we’re undertaking right now is just a small part of the analytical approach we take and the “knowledge culture” we foster at NapoleonCat.

And knowledge starts with carefully listening to what others have to say. I really hope you’ll join us on the next chapter of this exciting journey and help us by openly sharing your thoughts and feedback with us so we can also help you get better business results and keep your work-life balance thanks to the best-in-class toolbox.

Thank you again for your continued trust. It’s also thanks to you that we can grow as a business and as individuals. For this, we’re forever grateful.

If you’d like to learn more about NapoleonCat, its early days, and its future, read this interview.

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