“Talk and Moderate Like a King” – Creative Comment Moderation (Burger King Poland)

“Talk and Moderate Like a King” – Creative Comment Moderation (Burger King Poland)

Anyone who’s ever moderated brands’ profiles in the restaurant or FMCG sector has surely come across widely used best practices. Let me show you ours – and how we built the success and image of the Burger King brand in social media.

At 180heartbeats, we stick to the following rule: 

Communication with a moderator is way different than communication with a typical consultant.

A perfect example of this is Burger King Poland’s profile, which I’ll tell you about today. It has a distinct TOV (tone of voice) and a cheeky communication strategy known as the BK way.

Here are five reasons why it’s been working for Burger King on Facebook:

1. Tone of voice – used consistently

The voice of Burger King is the King of Burgers. 

The King only replies to his fans like a king should: briefly, wittily, and always playfully. Because it’s consistent, the fans have become used to addressing the brand per “King”. This reduces the distance between social media users and the brand.

In fact, Burger King fans often put the moderating abilities of the “royal court” to the test and wait for an answer. Those who forget about the hierarchy in the Kingdom are immediately instructed. It’s regal, as always, but respectful of different opinions. 

(a comment on Vege Halloumi King – a meat-free burger)

2. Playful responses and comebacks

By providing a kind, honest, and creative reply, we can have the last word. This applies even to situations that are seemingly uncomfortable for most brands.

See the example:

3. Responses based on consumer insights 

Consumer insights are often used to create new content. 

In the example below, the post was built on authentic private messages sent by Burger King fans. No one expects the use of formal language in social media. But we were struck by the fact that most users don’t even say hi, going straight to the point.  We decided to use this fact to inform them about new coupons. 

4. Knowledge of current trends and of the target group jargon

We make use of the target group language, which is often inspired by current trends. It’s not always clear to other groups. 

These shakes are being sold in Poland under their original names such as Shake Gold Carmel. Managers of Burger King Poland’s Facebook profile made a joke.

They just made a poor translation (on purpose).

The translation is that abstract:

Shake was translated to Wstrząs which means tremor or jolt
Gold was translated to Złoto which means solid gold
Carmel was translated to Carmel but as a noun
Strawberry was translated to Strawberry but as a noun

Let me visualize the abstractness of this translation:

Fans liked the joke:

Fans usually appreciate messages directed to a narrower group who understands it.

5. Moderation as an extension of the overall communication

Moderation is an extension of the overall communication. We create activating content thinking about what will follow in the comments. 

Bonus: High team efficiency thanks to NapoleonCat social media tool

Winning agencies use NapoleonCat

Winning agencies use NapoleonCat

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Dawid Kaźmierczak
Social Media & PR Director
180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT

Mini glossary:

TOV (tone of voice) – a unique way (tone) a brand communicates with its customers. It uses specific vocabulary and language, with specific channels designated for customer contact. 

“BK way” – short for “Have it your way”  – a slogan linked to Burger King. It refers to product customisation in line with the guest’s preferences. 

“bruh moment” – a reference to memes, the phrase describes an epic situation known only to a narrow circle of people.

FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) – products that are sold often and at relatively low prices. Food products and cleaning agents are just some examples of FMCG.

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Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. No credit card required.