Twitter New Features and Updates – 2023 Guide

Twitter New Features and Updates – 2023 Guide

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, this social media platform has been getting far more attention than it used to, resulting in new records of its user base size. 

Almost every week, we hear about new updates and plot twists, and we know that for many marketers and business owners it’s not easy to keep up with all this. 

That’s why we’ve put together this article – so you can stay on top of your Twitter marketing by learning about all the new features from one place.

As any social media platform, Twitter evolves constantly, and keeping track of the newest functionalities is a must if you want your social media marketing to be successful. In this article, we cover the key updates that Twitter announced in 2022. 

Some of them are available for testing only for some users, so don’t worry if they’re not accessible to you yet. We hope that you’ll find this overview useful while planning your company’s next moves on Twitter 😉 

Twitter Competitor Analysis Tool

Twitter Competitor Analysis Tool

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Twitter’s Monthly Subscription Service – 8$ for Twitter Blue

After some uncertainties, the discussion over payments for Twitter Blue has been settled. Access to it will cost $8 per month on the web and $11 per month for those who sign up on iOS.

What is Twitter Blue

The blue checkmark displayed on some Twitter profiles can mean one of two things: either an account was verified under Twitter’s previous verification criteria (active, notable, and authentic), or that the account has an active subscription to Twitter’s new Twitter Blue subscription product and meets certain requirements.

Twitter New Features and Updates - twitter verified
Twitter Blue badge (Source)

Why It’s Worth Getting Twitter Blue

What’s probably the most important is your company’s security and credibility. If your run a business account on Twitter, it’s definitely worth securing your company’s identity on the platform by getting the badge. 

In that regard, it’s better to be safe than sorry, as if someone decides to impersonate your company, the damage might be extremely hard to undo. 

Another reason to consider purchasing Twitter Blue is the additional features. According to Twitter, Twitter Blue offers some exclusive features that are meant to facilitate managing your account and organizing content and interactions on the platform. Examples of those features are:

  • priority in replies, mentions & search
  • ability to post longer video and audio

What’s more, they’re also we’re replacing the “official” label with a gold checkmark on some business accounts on Twitter – we recommend checking the latest information about labels here.

Also, if you happen to run several Twitter accounts for your business in different countries and languages, we recommend following Twitter news, as the platform is planning to enable

Twitter Blue for each one as soon as it’s available. At the moment, it is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Twitter Began Testing the ‘Edit’ feature

Earlier in the year, Twitter admitted that they started working on an ‘Edit’ feature, and now they’ve actually started testing it. As you might have guessed, this means that users might soon gain the ability to edit Tweets after publication. However, there’s a catch. 

Twitter indicated that the functionality would be made available only for a limited period of time from publishing the original tweet. This means that the feature is meant to be used primarily for fixing typos, missed tags, and other potential mistakes while avoiding the possibility of manipulating tweets back in time. 

This feature can be really useful for many marketers around the world. After all, who hasn’t submitted a post with a really unfortunate type at least once in their life, right? 😉 

However, there’s a more efficient method of avoiding mistakes on social media, especially if you run multiple business profiles across several platforms. NapoleonCat is one of the top Twitter management tools for business.

Our Publisher lets you easily manage your social media content calendar from a single, intuitive control panel. This way, you can plan, review, and schedule your posts before hitting the Publish button, maximizing your ability to catch errors before they go out there. 

Napoleoncat's calendar
Social media content calendar in NapoleonCat

How to Write Longer Tweets – Twitter Notes

We’re certain that many marketers will appreciate this one. Conveying a more complex message in 280 characters can often be troublesome, especially if you want to make your tweets engaging and impactful. Fortunately, Twitter is testing a new feature called Notes

Thanks to Notes, users will be able to write beyond the 280-characters-per-tweet limit and write longer updates. Notes let users use up to 2,500 words with a title of 100 characters in length. The text can also be enriched with pictures, tweets, and links. 

What’s more, every Notes article will have a unique URL, which makes it possible for those without a Twitter account to read the long-form content, allowing an easier, broader distribution of your content posted on this social media platform. 

In addition to that, Notes can be rated by users who read them, giving you instant feedback about your content’s quality. 

Twitter New Features and Updates - rating a note on twitter
Every user can rate a Note on Twitter using the Rate it button (Source)

The new feature is currently available for testing in the US, the UK, Canada, and Ghana.

Twitter’s Topic Tag Bar

Another feature that Twitter introduced in 2022 is the Topic Tag Bar. Supposedly, the goal here is to enable users to easily choose their area of interest while using the Twitter app by clicking on one of the recommended topics on a new tag bar placed at the top of their screens. 

This will for sure facilitate organizing your feed, especially if you want to research a particular topic on the platform. It’ll also create a new opportunity for marketers to craft their content in relation to trends so that it’ll be displayed to users who search for specific types of content. 

Twitter Plans to Introduce Downvotes

When Youtube starts hiding the number of dislikes under videos on their platform, Twitter took a step in the other direction by testing a downvote feature to their service.

However, it’s being reported that this feature will not work in the same way as its counterparts on other social media platforms. Twitter wants to use downvotes only for replies to an original tweet to improve user experience. 

According to Twitter, this is supposed to happen by minimizing the amount of irrelevant content presented to users, as the replies often include content unrelated to the original tweet. 

‘Unmentioning’ feature

Another new Twitter feature that is currently being tested by the platform is called ‘Unmentioning’. In theory, it is supposed to enable users to remove themselves from conversations they don’t want to be a part of. At this moment, it is yet unclear for whom the feature is available, but we already have some thoughts about this.

You see, we don’t deny that this might be super handy for individual users who want to improve their ability to focus on the most important pieces of content, but we wouldn’t recommend it for business accounts at all. 

Twitter New Features and Updates - unmention yourself
Unmention yourself from a conversation on Twitter (Source)

Being available and conversational is one of the keys to successful social media marketing and building engagement. In this case, you definitely don’t take the ability to mention your company from the users. Even if their tweets are negative. 

Why? Because having no negative tweets about your company (which users will post either way if they want to, just without the mention) will leave you with no ability to react. 

There’s a smarter way to do this. NapoleonCat’s Social Inbox enables you to keep track of all messages, comments, and mentions that your company receives on (almost) any social media platform, including Twitter. 

This means that you can easily keep track of and manage all your social media interactions from one place. This significantly decreases the likelihood of missing anything and improves your ability to react on time. 

Social media inbox - NapoleonCat
All your social media interactions (including tweets) in one view
Manage all tweets from multiple accounts in one place

Manage all tweets from multiple accounts in one place

Use NapoleonCat to manage all of your tweets, comments, messages, reviews, etc. – with an all-in-one social media tool.

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Create Your Elite Followers Group on Twitter

It’s no secret that social media platforms conform to one another and the new ‘Flock’ feature that Twitter announced recently is a perfect example. 

Simply put, this is Twitter’s take on enabling users to create exclusive followers groups, much like Instagram Stories for close friends. This means that users will be able to post Tweets which visibility will be restricted only to users chosen by the Tweet creator. This elite group will reportedly have a limit of 150 users. 

This might come in handy especially for content creators who, for example, share exclusive content to give additional value to their most prominent supporters.

You Can Now React to Tweets Using Videos

This might be one of the most influential of all Twitter’s new features and updates on our list. This new functionality allows users to post reactions to other users’ tweets in the form of a video or a photo. The original tweet will be embedded in your reaction update. 

All you need to do to use it, is to tap the Retweet icon and then choose “Quote Tweet with reaction”. Do we need to say how big this is?

Twitter New Features and Updates - how to react to a tweet
How to react to a tweet with a video (Source)

This new feature can bring your Twitter interactions to an entirely new level and make your business more connected with its followers than ever. The possibilities are endless, let your creativity do the work!  

ALT Texts and Image Descriptions Are Now Available on Twitter

This has been long in the making, but in 2022 Twitter announced the introduction of ALT texts and image descriptions on their platform for all users. Images equipped with ALT texts will feature an additional badge. When clicked, the badge will return the description of the image.

This has huge implications for your SEO as now you’ve gained yet another channel to influence your website’s discoverability on Google. We highly recommend taking advantage of it to help boost your company’s rankings.

Twitter New Features and Updates - adding image description
Adding an image description on Twitter (Source)

How to Optimise Your Business Presence on Twitter

If you’re a marketer or a business owner, you’re certainly aware of the importance of analytics and reporting. Twitter is no exception, and regularly measuring your account’s results on the platform is crucial for your company’s ability to grow. 

NapoleonCat offers an Analytics tool that allows you to measure your Twitter account’s performance and monitor your competitors, enabling you to assess your strategy and adjust more effectively. 

Also, if you work for a social media agency, NapoleonCat enables you to generate Twitter reports in a matter of minutes to save you time while preparing for the weekly status calls with your clients.

most engaging days and times of publication
Sample page from a Twitter report – most optimal posting times
In-depth Twitter Analytics & Reports

In-depth Twitter Analytics & Reports

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Final Word

Twitter has introduced a range of new features and updates in 2022 that will make it easier for businesses and marketers to get the most out of their campaigns. 

Overall, these new features and updates will make Twitter an even more powerful tool for businesses and marketers in 2022 and beyond. With the right strategy in place, you can take advantage of this platform’s user pool like never before, especially if you start using smart social media marketing management tools.

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