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Reporting on your social media marketing efforts and your competitors performance is one of the most basic activities each marketer faces. It also takes a lot of time. But NapoleonCat automates it, saving you hours of precious time every month so you can concentrate on strategic tasks.

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Create comprehensive PDF reports on any Facebook page or Instagram profile, be it yours or your competitor’s. You can also create a competitive report for several pages, if you need to compare or benchmark a set of pages at once.

Export data to XLS

Need to perform custom analysis on your social media data? You can easily export all the data available from NapoleonCat. You have the option to bulk export complete sets of data on multiple profiles or just small portions of those you’re currently viewing.

Automate reporting

Save even more time by setting up automated reports generation. They will be sent via email every week or month straight to you, your boss or client. It’s like having your own social media marketing assistant, but better.

Customize reports

If you want your reports to be more personalized, you can edit them before you print. Change your logo, edit sections, add your own comments or additional data.

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What our clients say

With NapoleonCat we effectively manage and monitor several hundred profiles of our insurance agents.

Łukasz Papuda – Allianz

I use NapoleonCat for one main reason and it works perfectly. It pulls all comments from all dark posts into one inbox.