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Some of our happy clients:

Content publishing

Publish on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter - everywhere and on multiple profiles at once. Plan your content with calendar and drafts. Include your clients and co-workers in the content design and decision making process with customized post flows.


Social CRM

Curate your current and future clients quickly responding to their questions and comments no matter if they come in a private message on Facebook or in a comment on Instagram. With our social Inbox you won’t miss any new message again.



In-depth analytics on any page or profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ allows you to track effectiveness of your or your competitors’ marketing efforts. We translate rough data into information so that you can turn it into actionable knowledge instead of drowning in the Big Data ocean.


Competitor monitoring

Numbers are relative and easier to understand if their context is provided. Comparative analytics will allow you to benchmark yourself against your competitors or industry standards. Access to competitive insights lets you learn on their mistakes, not make your own ones.



Social media marketing automation is possible. With automatic moderation rules you will save tons of time and make your clients feel pampered. Publish predesigned responses based on keywords, flag or delete unwanted content such as spam links in your promoted posts. Automatically forward client requests to selected people within or outside your organization.



Is social media reporting part of your daily work? NapoleonCat will assist you by creating and sending PDF reports via e-mail to your boss or your client. Each report can be customized to your needs - insert your agency logo instead of ours, add comments and even your own data.


Alerts via e-mail or SMS

Never miss a “crisis” or “complaint” any more. Just set NapoleonCat to alert you whenever a certain keyword shows up on your social media profiles or fan activity exceeds the normal level. We will wake those you designate in the middle of the night to answer that urgent matter.


Team management

Invite your co-workers, clients and their support team to work with you. Keep full control over publishing process with post flows customized for every project individually. Collaborate on customer curation with common social Inbox. Build reports and analytics sets for others to use. Control access rights and levels to protect your brand.


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What our clients say:

Napoleon simplifies communication among fanpage moderators.
Agnieszka Leśniewska
The most useful thing about Napoleon is its complex analytics module.
Mania Kostrzewska
NapoleonCat helps us manage Newspoint social profiles effectively.
Robert Stalmach

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