How to track competitors on Facebook

Grzegorz Berezowski , 10 August 2017

Business is a bit like sports – the most important thing is to stay in the game, but it’s even more rewarding to stay ahead of the pack. Trust me, I’ve experienced it myself – as an entrepreneur and as a professional judo player. And I’m telling you – it’s important to know where your competitors are and what they do. Of course, it also concerns your social media marketing efforts. Luckily, there are easy ways to learn how others are doing. But before I show you how, let me give you a few reasons why you should do it. Continue reading

How to deliver amazing customer service in social media

Kasia Kowalczyk , 3 August 2017

customer service in social media

Social media is becoming number one channel for customer service. It’s because it’s public, has global reach and allows for real-time interactions. It quickly replaces other means of personal communication, such as phone calls, emails. We often prefer to message someone on Messenger or WhatsApp rather than make a phone call. We converse with our friends by commenting on their Facebook posts instead of sending them letters or e-mails.
But also it’s where your customers are and where they expect you, as a business, to be and respond!


67% of online customers have used company’s social profiles for customer support.

33% of social media users prefer to use social media than calling.

• Customers who receive a service request respond end up spending 20%-40% more with the company.

• If the service is good, 48% of users will share their customer experience in social media with their friends.


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