Instagram user demographics in selected European countries

Grzegorz Berezowski , 3 September 2015

Instagram has been a hot topic among social media marketers recently. The buzz sky rocketed after Facebook, which owns it, announced it would start selling ads on Instagram soon. Yet, there is little data available about Instagram user demographics. We decided to compile such an overview for selected European Countries to help you decide if this is the right medium for your brand. Continue reading

[Product Update] Automatic comparative reporting for Facebook pages

Grzegorz Berezowski , 24 August 2015

Do you spend a lot of time preparing competitive or industry specific reports on Facebook brand activity? If you do, you know how tedious and repetitive this task can be. Every time you do it, you think you’d rather be spending this time on something more productive and delegate report preparation to someone else. Well, now you can. Just delegate it to NapoleonCat.

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[RESEARCH] How much time does your team waste on Facebook?

Grzegorz Berezowski , 11 August 2015

Part of social media marketers’ job is to spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever platform their brand and/or their target group use. This is natural since you can’t effectively participate in a community without in-depth knowledge and understanding of its design and dynamics. Frequent visits are also necessary when one needs to publish a piece of content or answer users’ questions and comments. But usually, while we’re there to do business, we can’t resist browsing through our personal news feed, watching just a few seconds of the new cat movie our friend posted or reading a few paragraphs of an article shared by our favourite tech blog. All this during our working hours. Multiply this “waste” by the number of your social media team members and you’ll know where we’re heading at. To calculate how much time is wasted on such occasions we asked 20 of our clients actually NOT TO USE NapoleonCat to manage their Facebook pages for one week and switch to Facebook directly. Here’s what we’ve found out and its pretty mind blowing.

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Is Instagram key to your Facebook posting strategy?

Grzegorz Berezowski , 19 July 2015

Ever since Facebook introduced EdgeRank algorithm, which is responsible for filtering content on users’ news feeds, cracking it became marketers’ and analysts’ quest. To large extend it is a matter of succeeding or failing in achieving high unpaid reach. Edge Rank evolves. Sometimes Facebook itself informs about changes it made. More often than not however, only in-depth analysis of large quantities of data reveals its rules. And those secret tricks can, at least for some time, give you an upper edge over your competitors. Here’s one of them. Continue reading

Instagram analytics and profile management

Grzegorz Berezowski , 9 July 2015

NapoleonCat instagram

Instagram is growing at an amazing speed. Marketers around the world have been trying to tame this beast for a long time. Instagram itself does not make their lives easy even with such simple features like the ability to switch between accounts for easier comments management or analytics to track and report on the effects. We have good news for you, though. With NapoleonCat you’re now able to:

  • reply to or delete comments on many profiles in one place,
  • get detailed analytics on ANY Instagram profile,
  • get comparative analytics on many profiles at the same time,
  • work collaboratively on Instagram profile management.

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Scaling your SaaS with NapoleonCat

oberezowski , 14 November 2014

Transitioning from founder to CEO, and scaling to new countries, gets easier with Grzegorz Berezowski, founder and CEO of NapoleonCat.

Smile(y) for your fans

Grzegorz Berezowski , 14 July 2014

A picture’s worth a thousand words. You know it, we know it, Facebook knows it too. That’s why they’ve introduced smileys along a host of other graphic icons in posts and comments some time ago. As per popular demand of many Facebook page moderators using NapoleonCat, we decided to make it simpler to put a happy face (or a devilish grim if you like) into the posts and comments published via our app.

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