How to attract new followers to your Instagram account – part 1

Kasia Kowalczyk , 29 December 2016

With over 500M monthly active users (and over 300M daily) and higher engagement rate than i.e. Facebook or Twitter, Instagram gives great opportunity for businesses of all sizes. It is really great channel for brands, especially that the company is launching and developing more and more business targeted tools.

There are no magic rules how to run your Instagram account, build your community and attract new followers, but there are some ways of improving your Instagram strategy. So check some of the tactics that can help you grow bigger and relevant audience on your Instagram account.

Post high-quality photos and videos

As Instagram is highly visual social network, you should post images and videos that are visually appealing. Moreover, think how to use graphics to highlight the use cases for your product or service.
If you decide to post pictures you can try different filters and choose those most suitable for your photos or the ones that are the most preferred by instragrammers.

We found an interesting article¬†on The New York Times website with the tips that will improve your Instagram food photos. We thought it can be inspiring for you, that’s why we link to it ūüôā and… check some examples of nice photos they presented.

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