New, improved social media inbox for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger

Kasia Kowalczyk , 21 March 2017


Running social media communication, content moderation, quickly responding to your fans’ questions, commenting, following all notifications from different social media channels is not an easy task. If you manage couple different Facebook pages you need to remember to react from the right one. If you have more than one Instagram or Twitter profiles, you need to switch between them to check whether you have some new likes, comments or questions to answer. Fortunately, it is not a problem when using NapoleonCat, as you have one inbox for all your social media profiles and platforms. The Inbox aggregates different types of social media engagements from multiple channels into one stream. This means that you can manage your fans’ and followers’ messages from Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, as well as comments from Instagram without being logged to all your accounts. Furthermore, you are able to tag your users, content and now also define the sentiment to every single content in the Inbox. You can also use email consultation feature (using “send a note” option). So you may ask for consultation regarding content you moderate by instantly sending an e-mail to appropriate person (not necessarily NapoleonCat user). The response will be automatically shown in NapoleonCat.
So how does NapoleonCat social inbox work and what features can you use?

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Instagram users in Russia – March 2017

Kasia Kowalczyk , 14 March 2017

There are 13.8M Instagram users in Russia and 60% are female.

Instagram is the most popular among people between 18-44. This age group represents over 80% of  of all instagrammers in Russia.

Instagram user demographics in Russia

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