New comparative reports for Facebook pages

Kasia Kowalczyk , 19 September 2017

Reporting on your social media marketing efforts and your competitors’ performance is one of the most basic activities each marketer faces. And it’s very important to know where your competitors are and what they do. Their social channels are very precious source of information – about their development plans, priorities and business strategy. You can also find there a lot of information on your target group needs, opinions, suggestions. So that, your competitors’ profiles can inspire you and even make you improve your product or service. In one of our latest blog posts, you can find more details on how to track your competitors on Facebook.

Both analyzing and reporting on your competitors’ performance take a lot of time. But NapoleonCat automates it, saving you hours of precious time every month so you can concentrate on strategic tasks.

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YouTube channels moderation now available in NapoleonCat

Kasia Kowalczyk , 13 September 2017

Here you go! We’re so excited to announce that NapoleonCat’s Inbox now handles YouTube comments moderation. Together with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Messenger messages, it makes for a complete tool to manage all your discussions through your brand’s social media channels.

To enable YouTube, add your managed channels to NapoleonCat and turn on their content streaming with the yellow toggle button. If you’ve already had your YT accounts added to NapoleonCat, then they will automatically appear in the Inbox and you just need to switch the comment stream on.

YouTube channels moderation in NapoleonCat

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