Four Ways To Retain Customers Using Social Customer Care

Zosia Górska , 6 December 2018


Companies too often focus entirely on customer acquisition and ignore retention.

Good customer service is becoming rare whilst 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

Social customer care is a cost-effective way to enhance customer experience and increase retention.


We’re witnessing an alarming trend amongst businesses. An overwhelming majority are putting most of their attention and efforts into customer acquisition, while neglecting another essential growth factor – retaining customers.


Are we forgetting that keeping customers happy is just as essential – if not more – for growth? 

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Tap Into The Power Of Facebook Recommendations

Zosia Górska , 29 November 2018


1 in 3 users goes on Facebook to check out other people’s opinions about a place or business.


Your customers’ opinions have strong influence on other Facebook users.


You can now moderate recommendations on Facebook using NapoleonCat.


In 2018 Facebook introduced changes to increase the level of interaction between its users and local business. One of them was replacing the one-to-five star reviews on business pages with recommendations. Now Facebook users only have to choices: to either ‘recommend’ or ‘not recommend’ a place or business. The “old” reviews are still visible and included the overall rating on Facebook business pages.

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Beyond Black Friday: Use Social To Improve Your Sales Funnel

Zosia Górska , 22 November 2018


Social is only one way of driving traffic and getting more customers.

When doing a Black Friday sale, you’re more likely to get the most of it by using a mix of channels.

So what’s the real ROI of social media? It’s generally higher if you’re playing the long game.





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We often hear that social is key for building brand awareness, but not instrumental for pushing customers further down the sales funnel. This approach ignores the very nature of social media. Social is about building connections and harnessing interactions.


And what better way to sell than by building and maintaining relationships?

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How To Win Hearts & Conversions: Quick Guide To Instagram Ads

Zosia Górska , 15 November 2018

  • Your brand is making a mark on Instagram but the organic growth is just too slow?

  • You see potential for tapping into your target audiences through a platform other than Facebook?


Here’s what should be the next stage for growing your brand presence on social: it’s time to try Instagram ads.


Last month we listed Instagram’s steady growth, the fact that it now has over 1 billion users worldwide and has introduced new exciting tools for marketers to play with. As a response, brands are rushing in to occupy their spaces and battle for Instagram users’ scarce attention.



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Facebook may still be the more obvious choice for paid social, but Instagram is expected to bring $6.84 billion in global mobile ad revenue, a rapidly growing share of its parent company’s pot.


Getting FOMO yet? Good. It won’t take long for you to set up Instagram ads and start winning – not just hearts – but actual conversions.


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Customer service on Twitter: This Airpod Rescue Story Says It All

Zosia Górska , 2 November 2018

Want to learn social customer service from the best? See how this train service team in San Francisco rocked Twitter.




Facebook may well be the new “king” of social customer care. But even so, Twitter remains the queen, continuously providing drama and fantastic examples of brands both spectacularly failing as well as winning in the sphere of social customer care.


I know what you’re thinking: I don’t know if my customers are even on Twitter.


Think again. Twitter may not be the most popular social network but it’s a very public social platform, which means that it’s very easy for anyone to access the conversations that are happening around your brand. You can never really be sure when a potential crisis or a great opportunity can quickly go viral, so it’s good to be prepared.


Everyone loves a good “brand saves the day story” on Twitter. So we picked one and broke it down into four easy steps you need to take to provide great customer service on Twitter.

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Key Instagram metrics you need to be looking at

Zosia Górska , 23 October 2018

Thinking of shifting your marketing efforts to Instagram? Already planning a dedicated Instagram campaign? First, make sure you know how to measure its performance. 


Until recently, Instagram was an additional tool in the social media marketing suite. When the platform reached 1 billion active users in June 2018 (confirming its 5% quarterly growth), while Facebook’s growth stalled, marketers started taking Instagram more seriously. As a consequence, we’ve seen more and more brands shifting their outreach campaign efforts to Instagram.

Taking on the test-and-learn approach is a must – but how do you know if you’re winning Instagram hearts as well as hitting your marketing objectives?



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Why Should You Automate Facebook Comments and Messages?

Zosia Górska , 16 October 2018

If you want to grow your business or brand presence, you should not only listen to your customers but also let them know that you’re always listening. How to do that without cloning yourself or your customer service team members? By using smart, non-generic automation that addresses their questions with specific replies.




1. Because social customer care is an essential part of overall customer experience


Gone are the days where brands are just talking to customers through one-way channels. Social media has made it possible for businesses to listen to their customers and reply to their comments and messages in real time. Don’t let that scare you, instead, use it to create competitive advantage. According to a research published by Website Builder 90% of social media users have used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or business and 63% of customers expect companies to offer them support via social media channels.

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Your one-stop-desk for managing Instagram

Zosia Górska , 17 September 2018

 Instagram, currently the fastest growing social network, is becoming the go to channel for brands looking to engage users and gain new customers. So no wonder the NapoleonCat team is focused on adding new tools to help businesses gain competitive advantage on Instagram.


Instagram Business

Tired of managing multiple Instagram accounts from a phone?


We’ve been quiet for a while, keeping busy with all the great new features that NapoleonCat can now do for you. There’s lots of new, exciting stuff. But for now, I want to tell you about something that’s already been tested and appreciated by our customers: our new Instagram features.


Have you been itching to manage Instagram from one place where you can:

  • monitor and moderate comments under both organic posts and Instagram ads
  • analyse both engagement and reach of your Instagram activities
  • automatically generate analytical reports
  • get insights on Insta Stories
  • monitor competitors?


The wait is over. Check out our new “killer features” that make managing Instagram Business profiles a walk in the park. And will have you scratching your head trying to think of other tools that can do the same cool stuff.


So here’s what you can do now.


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New feature: Facebook user mentions

Grzegorz Berezowski , 2 February 2018

For the past few weeks we’ve been working hard to implement a seemingly small but very useful feature. Finally, we’re happy to announce that you can now mention users when posting a reply on Facebook via NapoleonCat’s Inbox!

When creating a reply, simply type “@” to see the list of users you can include in your reply. The list consists of all those who have previously engaged with the conversation in the current thread. This means all users and pages that have commented on the post and are visible in the conversation preview. In addition, you can mention any Facebook Page you have added as “monitored” in your current NapoleonCat project.

When you mention a user, he or she will receive a notification on Facebook and thus will be more incentivised to reengage with you. And as we all know, engagement is the key to success on Facebook. Especially with recent changes in their algorithm, which promotes content that triggers conversations, not just likes and other reactions.

We hope this will help you engage more effectively with your communities and provide even better social customer service. Let us know what you think of the feature. We’ll be happy to hear back from you 🙂

Facebook organic reach decline – a study

Grzegorz Berezowski , 5 December 2017

Facebook organic reach has been the topic of heated debates in recent years. Especially, when one Slovak company revealed the impact of Facebook newsfeed experiment on Slovak news pages in October this year. We have decided to analyse how organic reach changed in the past three months, applying similar methodology. The results confirm the common belief – organic reach is declining steadily. However, there’s a twist in this plot, which shows that not all pages are treated equally.

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