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Free Messenger
Customer Chat

Support your customers with a free live chat. Unlock the potential of Facebook Messenger to boost your sales and user satisfaction.

Support for your customers

Customers are more likely to convert when they can contact you and have their answers responded to quickly. With this free Messenger you can delight them with instant feedback or reply at your own time.

Easy to use

Facebook Messenger is used by over a billion people worldwide. It is the most popular messaging platform and app. Thus, creates a familiar and trustworthy environment for a dialogue between businesses and your customers. And you don’t need anything else to start supporting your users - just a Facebook account or a Messenger app on your phone.


With an optional NapoleonCat account, you can automatically reply to your customers’ most popular questions, inform them of your availability or reroute their messages to other members of your team. Learn more about NapoleonCat’s social Inbox.

Get your free live chat widget

Fill in this form to get a piece of code to paste on your website. We’ll send it to you via e-mail. Of course, you need a Facebook Page to use the Messenger.

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WordPress plugin

Do you run your website or blog on WordPress? Great! We have a plugin for that. No single line of code is required to have the Messenger chat box on your website. Just follow the link and install the plugin.

Install WordPress plugin


  • Is this really free?

    Yes, there are no strings attached to it. Once you install the widget on your website, you’ll be able to use it for free forever.

  • Where will I see conversations with my customers?

    You’ll see it in your Facebook Page Messenger app. For even better customer service experience we suggest you use NapoleonCat’s Inbox, which brings more structure to your social customer service and allows to automate most typical replies.

  • How do I install this chat on my website?

    Just fill in the form above and we’ll send you an e-mail with further instructions. It’s super easy. However, if you feel lost or get stuck, just contact us at hello@napoleoncat.com. We’ll be happy to assist.


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