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Release notes



Project SettingsWe redesigned the Project Settings module

Project Settings

Hi there,
Yet another NapoleonCat app module got a facelift! We know how much you enjoy using Inbox and so we made similar changes to Project Settings. It’s the part of our app that lets you manage several projects and give access to the users assigned to them. So pretty important for those of you managing several brands or teams.

So what’s new in Project Settings?

  • We pimped the layout so that it’s easier smoother to work wit
  • We added extra security to protect you from unexpected issues when removing users from a project
  • You can now add new users directly from the Project
  • You can now see who connected a given page so that if for some reason it gets disconnected, you know who to call
We do hope these changes will improve the quality of your work. We’re certainly feeling frisky, having given you a facelifted Project Settings module to play with.

Having said that, we will never stop thinking about new ways to improve your experience, so please let us know if you like the changes. You getting the most out of NapoleonCat is always on top of our to do list!

Speak soon!



AnalyticsInstagram analytics

Instagram analytics

How to say it? Yes we can ;)

We’ve added some important elements to own Instagram profile analytics: Instagram Stories analytics, more insights of Instagram posts (interactions, impressions, reach, number of saves), hashtags and clicks analytics (Email, Call, Text, Directions, Website).
Check this out!

InboxRandom Facebook replies

randomp replys

It's not AI yet, but random replies will add some humanity to yours automated replies, more so that you can add a special variable to mention your fan in your comment or message. It will also kick your page engagement.



InboxCustom date range

custom range

We've added date picker component to choose your own date range. We used the same component as in the new reports module. We hope that Napoleon would be more user-friendly now.



InboxShow me blocked fans

Blocked fans filter

We have added blocked/banned fans filter. Now you can find messages from those fans.

InboxInstagram ad campaigns moderation

Instagram ads moderation

We have introduced to Inbox a new type of source, Instagram ad campaigns. You can read about how to connect the campaign in this post.



AnalyticsPosts reach

Posts reach

You probably wondered why in the pdf reports we give posts reach for moderated profiles, but not in analytics module. We also. That's why we have removed this discrepancy. We hope that important data will be easily available now.
In the table containing posts in the Content tab, you will find a column contain reach:

  • Comparison of reach  paid
  • Comparison of reach  organic
  • Comparison of reach  viral
  • Comparison of reach  total
In this column, posts are sorted by total reach.
Have a nice analyzing.

AnalyticsThe number of fans estimation

Zasięgi postów

For profiles for which we do not have historical data (number of fans), but we have the fans activity, we assume that number of fans has the same value as in the moment of hooking this profile to Napoleon. In this way, we can calculate approximate values of engagement parameters.

In the charts, the estimated data is presented using a dashed line.



AnalyticsComparison graph of organic reach

Comparison of reach

We have added a graph comparing the value of the organic reach according to old and new algorithm. It is available for moderated profiles only.

InboxDon't forget my reply

We have improved the behavior of the Reply input. If you switch the tab, eg "Reply in private message" and return, the previously entered content will still be there. So far it has been flying into space or into a common unconscious.



InboxNew feature: Assigning messages.

Function assigned to

If you don't know what to do with a strange message, just pass it along to another team member.
And more seriously, we have added the long awaited feature of assigning a message to a specific team member. This allows for initial moderation, e.g., defining sentiment of the message, and then passing it to another colleague. The "My tasks" tab contains the list of messages currently assigned to you and not yet dealt with (i.e. archived).



InboxCompact style private messages thread

Private messages thread

Based on our users feedback we came to the conclusion that the most important thing in each conversation is .... conversation. So, let's not mess it up. Therefore, additional information about the message (such as time stamp, it’s internal ID etc.) is now displayed only for the selected message. For all others, you need click the message to see the additional information about it.

We've also added the ability to tag and block a fan within the conversation thread view. Just click the avatar to display the additional functions panel.



InboxFacebook user mentions

Page mentions in Inbox

We've added a list of fans and profiles that are involved in the conversation on Facebook. When writing a reply, simply type “@” to see the list of users you can include in your reply.

You can read more about this feature on our blog here

Bug Fixes

InboxFilters fixed

Well, it was not really working properly. Now if you change time period or sorting direction, the filters you set up (e.g.. assigned to) will not change.



Reports Scheduling quarterly reports

We’ve added the option to schedule quarterly reports in the “Reports” module. If you schedule one in December, it will be generated and sent out automatically at the beginning of January and will include past 3 months - October, November and December. The next one (January thru March) will be sent out in April.

Reports “More info” panel

More info panel

We’ve added a pop-up window on the list of reports generated. It includes detailed information for each report on your list to help you identify them.

Inbox Facebook events moderation

Facebook events are now available in the Inbox. This means you’ll see all posts and comments from events created for your Facebook Page. You can even apply automatic moderation rules to those messages! It’s currently invite only, so ping us at hello@napoleoncat.com.

Inbox “Do you really want to permanently delete this message?”

A warning message now shows up before you delete a comment or post in the Inbox.

InboxEnd of messages marker

When you reach the end of messages in the Inbox. You’ll now see the appropriate message so you know you can go home or visit Bored Panda ;-).

Inbox Updated filters in “Deleted” tab

We now only show those types of elements that can actually be deleted.



Inbox Tablet mode

We’ve upgraded our CSS styles to make the Inbox more responsive. You can now comfortably use it on your tablet while watching Netflix on company laptop.



InboxAdditional error messages

It doesn’t mean there are more errors now. They’re just communicated gracefully.



Inbox Automoderation Page mentions

Page mentions automoderation

We have added the ability to set up automatic moderation rules for your Facebook Page mentions and comments to such mentions. Publishing automatic replies is possible, if you are allowed to reply to a particular object.

  • You can set up automatic replies to your page mentions for when you're not online.
  • You can flag mentions automatically to review them in your Inbox later.
  • You can set up email alerts to notify you of any new page mention or just the ones containing specific keywords.

Reports Editing Simplified comment editing in automatic PDF reports

Edycja raportów pdf

If you're in the process of creating a report and you need to pause, you can now save your edits and comments and finish them later. Such a report will be marked on the list as "edited". Edycja raportów pdf When you're done editing, hit "Save & regenerate" to implement all your changes and update the PDF report.

  • Reports We've added language notification on the list of created reports.
  • Edycja raportów pdf, oznaczenie języka raportu
  • Inbox Automoderation We've visually unified the interface for automatic moderation rules.
  • Inbox Automoderation Dropdown menu "User tags: Tag a fan" has been changed to "User tags: Select tag".

Bug Fixes

  • Inbox We've fixed a bug causing page mentions to appear twice in the Inbox's main feed.



  • Inbox We've added message ID on error popups in the Inbox (for reporting purposes).
  • Reports We've improved the speed of reports list loading.
  • ReportsEditing We've improved the process of uploading/updating own logo in reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Inbox We've updated the process of fetching Facebook page mentions. It works now ;)
  • We've added some bugs that we'll fix in the future.



Inbox Blocking Facebook users

Blocking Facebook users

You can now block and unblock Facebook users. You'll see a new icon next to the message author name in the Inbox.


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