Hashtags work on Instagram. Brands use them to for consumer activations, consumers - express their interests and activities. Now you have the tool to track hashtags online and effectively engage with those who use them.

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Monitor Instagram hashtags and locations

Easily create a real-time stream of posts including a combination of hashtags and locations.

Engage with users

Comment and like Instagram posts. Follow users to draw their attention. NapoleonCat allows you to actively monitor Instagram hashtag streams so you can stay on top of the conversation and build your community.

Grow Instagram follower base

One way to grow your Instagram follower base is by interacting with other users. With a well-profiled stream of posts you can target the right audience and let them know you’re there by commenting on their posts and following them. They will reciprocate.

Manage brand activations

Don’t miss a single post that mentions your branded hashtag. And acknowledge it with a comment or like. Together with in-depth hashtag analytics it makes for the best way to run your brand activations on Instagram.

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What our clients say

With NapoleonCat we effectively manage and monitor several hundred profiles of our insurance agents.

Łukasz Papuda – Allianz

I use NapoleonCat for one main reason and it works perfectly. It pulls all comments from all dark posts into one inbox.