Traffic Light for Intercom

This is how we boost our Client Happiness team’s efficiency.

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NapoleonCat is a desktop SaaS application used by social media marketers from companies of various sizes - from local restaurants to online shops to multi-national brands. We have hundreds of B2B users daily and we strive to provide them with the best support possible whenever they need it. That’s why we use Intercom.


The team

We have a team of Client Happiness Officers dedicated to answer any questions our users might have as fast as possible. We aim at shortening the response time to less than one minute while we’re at work (we do sleep sometimes, too). However, there are moments when the stream of user questions creates a backlog. We decided we needed help alerting of backlogs and trafficking our users’ open questions to the entire team.

Enter Traffic Light for Intercom

We came up with a physical traffic light that we can program to show us the current “user communication traffic” situation and show visual alerts when it reaches the critical point. As with any traffic light, it has three states:

  • Green light - no unanswered user questions older than one minute,
  • Orange light - warning, i.e. at least one but no more than five unanswered user questions asked more than a minute ago,
  • Red light - crisis!, which for us means more than five user questions unanswered for more than one minute,
  • Horn - additional alert sounding every three minutes for as long as the red light is on.

For us, orange light means our CHOs need to hurry up. But the red light means “all hands on deck” and then even our CEO grabs a phone or opens up Intercom on his laptop to handle our users’ questions.


The pole

The fact that it’s a physical sign visible to everyone at the office and not only a virtual reminder on one’s desktop or mobile screen helps us mobilize the team and quickly support each other when needed. It’s also a reminder of the fact, that what we do is “real stuff”, not just plain virtual. Plus, we had fun building it :-)

In short, the whole system consists of the following elements:

  • Three-colored light pole with built in horn,
  • An integrated circuit one of our developers designed and built himself to control the lights and the horn; it had to be small enough to fit inside the pole and features a built-in wifi module allowing the traffic light to be placed anywhere within the range of our office’s wireless network,
  • A server that connects to Intercom’s webhooks via API and does all the (simple but still) number crunching,
  • An admin panel that allows us to manage alert level parameters, such as the number of open user tickets (questions) and desired reaction times.



Traffic Light for Intercom truly helps us provide better service to our clients. It also increases conversions from trials to paid customers and decreases churn by improving loyalty, thus having positive and tangible effects on our business performance.

If you think your business could also benefit from our Traffic Light, let us know at


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