Product Team Leader

NapoleonCat is a fast-growing SaaS platform that helps brands leverage the power of social media platforms to successfully build and strengthen relationships with their current and future customers. Our clients come from over 60+ countries located across the globe. We are a Meta Business Partner.Our vision is to become the leading social media management tool for small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. 

We are looking for a Product Team Leader

About the role:

  • You will help us build a better… product (web and mobile), and our customers – grow their businesses more effectively, by making us understand how they really use NapoleonCat, what brings them the highest value and how it translates into our roadmap and aligns with our long-term strategy. 
  • Being an experienced leader, you will manage an excellent team of (currently 7) Product Managers, UX/UI Designers, Product Analysts and CX Managers. 
  • You will coach and develop your team members’ careers. 
  • You will help them to solve problems and prioritize work. 
  • You will make swift decisions in a dynamically changing ecosystem and assume responsibility for the outcome. 
  • As a leader, you will  inspire people to face exciting challenges, not to toy with problems. 
  • You will closely cooperate with other members of the organization, reporting directly to the Board. But, you will also “work in the trenches” managing internal projects, interviewing users and filling in gaps as necessary until they’re patched.

Your responsibilities:

  • own NapoleonCat’s product roadmap,
  • collect user insights (qualitative and quantitative) and turn them into actionable knowledge driving company growth,
  • conduct market research to determine current and future developments in the area of social media management and customer service software, including direct competitor analysis,
  • work closely with your team on the design of new product features and improvements, methods to analyze product performance and ways to make it more user friendly,
  • communicate and educate the entire organization on product developments to help them craft sales, marketing and customer support communications,
  • constantly evaluate and improve product development and customer discovery processes,
  • develop relationships with our business partners (Meta, Google, LinkedIn etc) and service providers within the scope of product development.


  • proven SaaS or e-commerce product management skills,
  • ability to synthesize complex data into actionable insights and goals,
  • critical thinking and decision-making skills to prioritize product development based on knowledge, not hunch,
  • ability to set goals and work towards achieving them on time,
  • focus on team growth and thoughtful leadership with clear goal setting,
  • excellent communicator and negotiator,
  • practical knowledge of product analysis and management tools – we use GA, Hotjar, Segment, Mixpanel, Productboard and a few more,
  • good understanding of web technologies to help you find the common language with the tech team,
  • practical knowledge of social media implementation in business as well as how their APIs work,
  • English proficiency – you will talk to NapoleonCat’s users and partners from around the world.

Your working environment and benefits:

  • You will be responsible for the rapid development of a SaaS app used by companies around the world. 
  • A team of upbeat and enthusiastic social cats who support and motivate one another.
  • You will be offered a B2B contract with 26 days of paid vacation.
  • A focus on objectives rather than statuses or reports. 
  • We work remotely, but if you feel like a change of scenery, you are welcome to our headquarters located in the very center of Warsaw.
  • Do you want to keep developing your personal or professional skills? Not a problem – Use our dedicated budget for your growth.
  • We’ve got your healthcare covered with the top healthcare packages.
  • Regular team-building events, parties, coffee breaks and awesome adventures are aplenty! 

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