Customer Success Team Leader (Acquisition)

NapoleonCat is a fast-growing SaaS tool for managing brands’ social media presence. Our clients come from over 60 countries located across all continents. We help companies successfully build and strengthen relationships with their customers on a large scale. Our ambition is to become the leading social media management tool for small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. NapoleonCat is a Meta Business Partner operating in Google Cloud.

Which values matter to us most?

  • We like to be supportive, both to each other and to our clients,
  • In our communications, we are frank and direct – we don’t dodge the issue, but we treat other people with respect,
  • We take responsibility for projects and tasks, we don’t wait for decisions ‘from above’ or worse, for someone to do the work for us,
  • We welcome constructive criticism,
  • Our focus is on seeing things through to completion, not just on implementing them.

If you think and act alike, take a look at who we are looking for!: Customer Success Team Leader (Acquisition)

Who’s the perfect match for us?

  • You are an expert in sales in the IT/SaaS sector, you are familiar with sales techniques and can use them knowingly, and you know how to negotiate,
  • You have suitable knowledge and experience strictly linked to the IT industry or technology companies offering SaaS B2B solutions in the global market – this is a MUST-HAVE for us – either in sales or customer service,
  • You understand clients from the e-commerce and Marketing Agency markets and the environment in which we operate (B2B SaaS, MarTech, global SME and Enterprise),
  • You know how to take ownership and make decisions,
  • You are focused on achieving specific goals, which you know how to define and communicate clearly,
  • You are fluent (in practice, not in theory) in spoken and written English – this will be your everyday language of work,
  • You are proactive and able to collaborate with other teams and with the Board – you suggest changes/improvements, and you are also the voice of our clients in this regard,
  • You are highly organized, with the ability to skilfully manage the work of others and enforce the expected outcomes while ensuring respect for the other person.

As Leader of the Customer Success Acquisition Team, you will be responsible for:

  • Optimization of the existing sales support processes (both automated (one to many) and manual (one to one),
  • Leading efforts aimed at improving the team’s KPIs: Lead-to-Customer conversion rate, average sale price, etc.,
  • Developing activities together with the team to support its members in their everyday tasks and increase work efficiency,
  • Ensuring knowledge sharing with other team members and demonstrating a teamwork spirit,
  • Maintaining the flow of information on the development of sales, sales techniques and negotiation methods; developing manuals to support daily operations together with the team, 
  • Collecting data, analyzing them appropriately and setting goals accordingly, optimizing processes and improving their quality, presenting them in an understandable way,
  • Developing your team in terms of soft skills (development paths, feedback, nurturing a good atmosphere at work), also thanks to your excellent interpersonal skills,
  • Sales budget management,
  • Management of the sales funnel and sales closing data,
  • Engaging your team in process streamlining activities, removing noticeable barriers, and automating processes that can be automated,
  • Regular monitoring of the team’s KPIs (qualitative as well as quantitative),
  • Looking after documentation linked to activities aimed at improving sales processes,
  • You are familiar with the tools used in sales and are not afraid to propose modifications to these tools while taking care of the team’s effectiveness,
  • You will be the Sales team’s liaison with other teams, so you should have no concerns about putting solutions or changes forward,
  • You will be involved in the life of the Company, working with other teams to achieve NapoleonCat’s objectives  while keeping our values in mind,
  • You know how to inspire others to develop their sales skills in SaaS businesses. 

Your working environment and benefits:

  • You will participate in the rapid development of a SaaS app used by companies worldwide.
  • Our company operates globally and is Poland’s only official Meta Marketing Partner.
  • You will work with a team of upbeat and enthusiastic people who trust each other and believe in what they do.
  • We focus on objectives rather than statuses and reports 🙂
  • We support each other both in the course of implementation tasks and in ongoing project work.
  • We work remotely, but if you feel like working from the office, you are welcome to our premises located in the very centre of Warsaw.
  • Do you want to keep developing, but it costs a lot? Not a problem – take advantage of a dedicated budget.
  • Does your home office need a facelift? Make the best use of the budget earmarked for updating your home office.
  • Worried about your health and having access to medical services? It is a market standard, but we should mention that we offer a healthcare package 🙂
  • Do you like the company of other people in real life, having a laugh and enjoying yourself? We do too! You are very welcome to join us in our team-building events, night-time chats and extreme adventures 🙂

Work with a tribe that shares your vibe!

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