Manage your Facebook, Instargam and Twitter content in one social media inbox from NapoleonCat

If you use social media in your communication strategy, it’s worth to remember that you should be everywhere, where your potential customers are, people interested in your products, services or your business branch, influencers, opinion leaders, trendsetters etc. While choosing specific social media channels, you should know and obey all the rules – so if a specific medium enables any interaction (discussions etc.), it’s worth using this opportunity. You may think that publishing, quickly responding to your fans’ questions, commenting etc. are time-consuming activities that require being logged in to all of your social media profiles etc. If you have more than one Instagram profile, you need to switch between them to check whether you have some new likes, comments or questions you need to answer. If you manage couple different Facebook profiles you need to remember to react from the right one. Fortunately, it is not necessary when you use NapoleonCat, as you have one social inbox for all you social media profiles.

Manage and moderate Facebook, Instagram and Twitter content from one social media inbox in NapoleonCat

In NapoleonCat inbox you can find all the content from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles that you manage. You can not only see all the mentions regarding any of your profile but also manage them. You can choose what kind of content you want to see in your inbox:

  • fan comments on Facebook,
  • fan posts on your Facebook page,
  • dark posts on Facebook,
  • profile mentions,
  • private messages,
  • followers‘ comments on Instagram,
  • followers’ comments, mentions etc. on Twitter.

All the content is displayed, as in a standard inbox, from the newest one. Every type of content in your NapoleonCat inbox has some elements that enable identify the content.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter content in one social media inbox from NapoleonCat

  1. Author’s profile picture / avatar
  2. Profile picture of page that the content regards
  3. Content type description
  4. Timing of the content publishing
  5. Actions buttons:
    – Delete,
    – HideFlag,
    – Replay,
    – Like,
    – Archive,
    – Labels for content and user.
  6. Labels for content and user.

While interacting with other users, it’s really important to know the context of the whole conversation etc. NapoleonCat enables you to see the whole plot that the chosen mention regards, so that you don’t need to search and read everything on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile. You just need to click in the box of content to see the whole plot in the column on the right side.

Inbox configuration
It’s really easy to choose what types of content you want to see in your inbox. On the right hand side you have all the profiles you manage (using NapoleonCat). You just need to tick those, that are interested for you. And for Facebook profiles – you need to choose the content type: fan comments, fan posts, mentions, private messages etc.

NapoleonCat_one social media inbox for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles_inbox configuration

You can also choose the time range. You have the options to see the content from today, yesterday, a current week, last 7 days, last 30 days or from the beginning (from the date that you use NapoleonCat).
Then you will see all the content for the chosen period and the number of mentions etc. that you managed to moderate.

Choose the time range for the social media content you want to see in social media inbox from NapoleonCat

Team work
NapoleonCat simplifies working in a team, especially if more than one person is involved in the moderation process of the same social media page, profile, channel etc. (if more than one person moderate the same social media page, profile, channel etc.). First of all, the contents of the inbox are updated on a regular basis. Thanks to that, every project member sees only the content that hasn’t been moderated yet by any other person. Secondly, there is an option to flag any piece of content. So that you can make other members to pay attention on relevant mentions etc., as a flagged threads are moved to a separate tab. You can see the number of them next to the “Flagged” tab name and a percentage on the chart presenting your progress within inbox (red part of the chart on the screen below).

Flag your social media content to simplify the moderation process

Moreover, every user can personalize his/her own inbox. It’s really helpful if some project members are interested or responsible only for private messages or the flagged ones etc. This option is also very useful if your company cooperate with the external agency. The agency is responsible for a daily page moderation but sometimes there are some specific questions (i.e. concerning company services or product portfolio etc.) that require customer’s intervention. In that kind of situations, flagging content is a typical solution, so that the customer can see only those mentions, messages etc. that needs his / her indirect reaction. You can also include your clients and co-workers in the content design and decision making process with customized post flows.

Another really helpful function is automatic moderation rule that enables automatic Facebook content moderation. Check how to use it and how automatic moderation rules will help to automate communications with your potencial clients.

If you want to check how NapoleonCat inbox works, try our 14-days free trial.

We hope that the inbox will make your work easier and save your time. We work on some more improvements within this tab, so if you have any suggestion, do not hesitate contacting us on email:

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