How to attract new followers to your Instagram account – part 2

Last week we published the first part of article with tips on how to attract new Instagram followers. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it HERE.

In this article we would like to share some more hints and tricks with you.

Tag others on your graphics

Of course you should tag others when relevant, you should have a good reason to do so. For example if you participate in some branch event where you meet influencers and you post a picture, you can tag them. This ensures those posts will show up in their’s feeds and makes it more likely they’ll share it.
It’s also a great method if you publish some statistics, results or rankings (as we do at Instagram account). We will share how we start doing it, as it really works. We noticed that we attract more followers after publishing graphics with other Instagram accounts tagged on them. For example – we posted the ranking of the most popular Instagram accounts in Poland – in general and in 3 different categories: blog & vlog, person, brand. We publish that kind of ranks quarterly and this month it was the first time when we tagged top 10 Instagram accounts on the graphic. We noticed higher engagement: some of the tagged people just gave as a like, some of them commented our post (sending thanks or just ensuring that they will work even harder to be on the better position in our next ranking etc.), while others shared our post, which is even more important as it means for us that:

  • they are satisfied (as they are within the best 10 Instagram accounts in general or in their category, which is… really good result!),
  • our content is valuable and of a good quality (if it is bad or ugly or any other… with negative connotation, they would like to share it on their “walls”, wouldn’t they?).

Moreover, our content is expanding and will get the wider audience.

Cross-promote your Instagram account on other social media channels, on your blog, website, email footer, newsletter etc.

Make sure your existing fans know you’re on Instagram. The app makes it simple to synch your Instagram accounts with social networks, which could be a great tactic to get some extra exposure.
You can also try linking your Instagram account on your website (i.e. embedding Instagram photos in your blog posts) newsletters, in your email signature etc.

Find the best time to post

Use the insight to check where is the best time for posting on your Instagram account. And also think about your followers and their patterns. Most people use Instagram in the morning (before work or school), on their way home and in the evening. You should think who you target audience is. If they are people who work full-time jobs, they will check Instagram before 8.00-9.00, at lunch time and then after work. The best way to determine the best time to post is by testing how your pictures and videos perform at different times of a day.

Geotag your posts

It is a good way especially for local businesses. Instagrammers like to include the location to their pictures, especially if it was taken in a fancy restaurant or hotel, a well-known museum or a new coffee shop. So tagging your location can help exposure your brand as people can click on that location or search for it and they will see the pictures from these places. They can be able to view your posts as well and maybe they will start following you.

Run a photo contest

It can help you to grow your audience. To enter the contest you can ask Instagram users to either like, comment one of your picture, follow you, repost your content or use specific hashtag while adding their own photo.


As mentioned before, there is no the only right strategy and tactic to run your Instagram account. That’s why you need to experiment and check what works the best for you, what gives you the best results.

We are really interested to hear about your Instagram experiences so if you have any tips you can share, we would love the conversation going.

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