Brand new

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to share this exciting news just before the New Year – we have just launched the brand new NapoleonCat! A month ago we have begun the on-boarding process for our existing clients in Poland and abroad. And by the end of January’14 we will have opened it to all of our users. He have been working hard for the past several months and there’s still a lot of challenges ahead of us, but with the current outcome we are… simply proud. NapoleonCat is not an update, it’s the whole new application designed and built from the scratch based on our three years of experience and your comments, which we are thankful for. Today I am going to introduce just a few, most important new features, but you can expect much more news updates in the nearest future.

Five social media platforms

The three main areas of NapoleonCat’s competence remain the same – social analytics, advanced posting and moderating discussions. So far we concentrated on Facebook. However, following your requests (and sometimes even threats ;-)) we decided to make NapoleonCat a truly integrated center of command for five most popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram. Many brands have been restraining themselves to just one platform (usually Facebook). One of the most important reasons was that the cost of managing another channel, a Google+ profile for example, exceeded return on such an investment. Having this process integrated with just one tool decreases such costs dramatically, thus makes it more economically viable.

Integrated multi-channel publishing

NapoleonCat allows to post simultaneously on many profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Of course, we do realize that a Facebook post does not equal a tweet. That’s where our magic lock comes in handy. It allows you to adjust content to fit each platform individually. Such solution saves your precious time you devote to publishing on many platforms and still gives you freedom to fit the content to the context of each one of them.

Live preview placed right next to the publisher allows you to understand better how your content will look on each platform, while calendar makes scheduling the whole publishing plan easy. The calendar gives you an overview of all the posts and tweets scheduled and drafted by you and your team members and spot holes in your content tactics.

The publisher is equipped with much more functionalities. Google Analytics UTM tags are just one of them, but it comes in very handy for those who want to precisely measure effectiveness in converting social media posting to activities on their website. We for example are very curious to note how many of you register with NapoleonCat after having clicked on links we post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. - publishing

Managing publishing process

Social media marketing is a team effort. Many people from different departments and levels of the organization are usually involved. But only one person is, or should be, responsible for what finally appears on your brand’s profile page. If a company performs its social media activities itself, it’s most probably the Marketing or PR Manager (hopefully more competent than Justine Sacco). Marketing agencies running social media on their clients’ behalf, the structure has typically several levels and client representatives are often involved to have the final say before any piece of content goes public. We have made it easier to manage and follow such a structured process by introducing individually designed post flow. Now it’s possible to create team and assigns specific persons to as many levels of the process as you need, for each project individually. - post flow


Tasks are quite obvious functionality for any tool that involves team work. It shows information on content you are asked to accept or review as well as other activities assigned to you by other team members. - my tasks

Curating discussion and monitoring your competitors

Having many profiles equals many places you have to visit on regular basis to follow on what your fans/followers have to say and react on it. We’ve made it much simpler by collecting streams from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube in one place. You can configure them to fit your needs, for example by separating your posts from those published by your fans. It’s also possible to manage private messages your Facebook fans send to your fan page. Filtering new and unread content will allow you to always stay on top of the discussion involving your brand. - social media moderation

I’m sure I don’t have to convince you to monitor your competitors’ activities. This is also easier with the new NapoleonCat. All you have to do is adding their profiles to your projects and set new columns with their feeds in Moderation section. It’s worth to notice that each member of a project can configure his/her own set of columns and concentrate on what’s important to them.

Managing projects and users

Because most of our clients work in teams, we upgraded team and user management features. First of all, we’ve introduced projects that now divide NapoleonCat into different work spaces. Marketers can use them to separate each brand and give access to agencies they cooperate with to specific projects only. By the same token, agencies can define projects on a per-client basis. And if it finally turns out that both the agency and the client already use NapoleonCat, all they have to do is to share a project, which will become visible within the currently owned account.

User access can be controlled by giving access to specific projects and modules only. They can also be divided into individual teams, which will make it easier to manage them, especially in larger organizational structures. - user management

New engine and infrastructure

As I said, the entire app has built from scratch. But that’s not all. NapoleonCat now also works on new infrastructure, which are… Google servers. We have tested different solutions but finally we’ve decided to use Google Cloud Platform. We can sleep better now knowing that our services are delivered at the same speed to our clients all over the globe. This solution also speeds up the application, which, especially in the Analytics section, has to digest terabytes of data in real time. Cost optimization is also an important factor since it allows us to offer you better services without raising prices.


Finally, one more novelty. As some of you have probably already noted on the screenshots, we’ve changed the product name from Napoleon to NapoleonCat. There were many reasons and domain availability was only one of them. For sure it will be easier for us to track discussions on “NapoleonCat” than it was for “Napoleon“. We couldn’t win the positioning battle with this little French guy.

That’s it for now. Thank you for bearing with me until the end of this post, which I guess is the longest one so far. Oskar, our PR Manager, would for sure make it shorter as he is fond of both Twitter and haiku. I myself am more of a Moby Dick person, though. I hope all those news are useful to you. And if you haven’t used Napoleon so far, I encourage you to try it free now. And remember that this is just the beginning of the road since the whole new and integrated social analytics is on its way.